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  1. Germans lack passion because of their cold German Mentality. If you want passion seek Italian cars.
  2. Gm does make some shitty cars, but every brand does/has. GM is doing hot right now, Chevrolet is going to outsell Ford this year and that is BIG.
  3. The bottom 3/4 of that page says everything.
  4. faulty cupholder = 1 entry
    coolant leaking engine = 1 entry

  5. The Chevelle SS is the best car ever made.
  6. Germans lack passion because of their cold German Mentality. If you want passion seek Italian cars.
  7. It was a muscle car and it was among the best muscle cars ever made. Consider also it competitors the 442, the buick gs, the gto,etc
  8. Correct but German cars are more reliable,durable and efficient than Italin cars.
  9. I would say GM cars are slightly worse than the other U.S. manufacturers, and most of the Japanese and European manufacturers but they aren't the worst in my opinion
  10. what?

    i own a ford taurus and im proud of it. i love the car, and i recomend it to anyone that asks about it.
    sure i like a lot of GM models, the cadillac lineup, hummers, a few chevys, i respect buick reliabilty, but at the same time i really dont like saturn, pontiac, and again, dont feel much for buick. but that doesnt mean they dont make some shitty cars. they do, and plenty of them, why do you think they are loosing market share so quickly? the point of VW comment is that this site shows VW at almost perfact results. while in reality VW scores worst on both long term and initial qaultiy/reliabitly standards than just about every GM brand. that alone voids this site as anything worth looking at.
  11. "passion" is Italys excuss for selling shitty supercars to dumbasses.
  12. JDpower does a 90 day test but they also do long term tests as well. The first comes at 3 years. In the 3 year tests they compare them with the first 90 days and they find one thing. American and Japanese cars stay about the same while Europeans have oddly gotten worse. By many tests GM is at the top of the American market, one problem GM had was it just made too many cars.

    And if GM's were so bad why is it that only GM and Toyota are seeing sales increases. You can go to edmonds and see some ratings for cars or the consumer report.
  13. I know someguy who has a lumina 93 with 200 000 miles and always good running, no bizarre noises, no engine or tranny rebuild ( only the £@¦¬"$ intake gasket )

    I've seen a brand new mustang cobra at detroit auto show with bad dash alignments

    As far as long term stuff, usually american cars are better since you don't have to pay astronomic prices or wait for parts.

    The worst reliability problem is the Caravan's tranny
    always in trouble, no matter 3 or 4 speeds

  14. Excuse me...I meant 100,000. Because honestly that's where most American Cars go to shit. As far as the 200,000 goes...every car I've owned that was Japanese still ran strong past 200,000. Shoot I sold my 96' Tacoma with 250,000 on it this summer...the only thing that went wrong with that thing was the typical things you're supposed to replace like clutch etc.

    Trust me when it comes to overall quality...American Companies lack.
  15. American companies are behind Japan but ahead of Europe, and the gap isnt that big. My dad just got rid of his 85 Astro van and it had 300,000miles. Heavy duty vehicles shouldnt be taken into account with cars becuase cars never last as long. Trucks will do as much as 500,000miles. So your Tacoma was only in mid life while a 4 banger car will do 100,000-200,000miles.
  16. the link suggests that american cars are the worst.
  17. but obviously the person that made the site doesnt know shit. look at my previous posts about VW.
  18. most ppl on dont know shit. i think the web site has more credability.
  19. As far as I'm concerned you now have none.
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    Wednesday, June 30, 2004

    GM, Ford improve long-term quality

    By Brett Clanton / The Detroit News

    That pricey European model looks nice, but it might give you more headaches over time than a Buick or Lincoln.

    Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover and other well-regarded European brands still have more problems after three years on the road than several U.S. marques, including Cadillac and Chevrolet, the latest study on vehicle dependability found.

    Volkswagen and Audi were the only European brands to improve reliability scores this year, while nearly every 2001 nameplate from Detroit automakers posted gains, a J.D. Power and Associates survey of 48,000 consumers revealed.

    Though Japanese automakers still lead the pack for reliability, improved dependability is good news for Detroit automakers, which have invested millions of dollars to boost quality in recent years.

    But only one U.S. automaker, General Motors Corp., ranked above the industry average for long-range quality this year.

    This is a credible site.
  21. Reading consumer reports whenever the issue about all the current production cars comes out, I can tell you it is wrong. GM (and chrysler) have had a steady improvement over the years and stand in the middle of the japanese market. Toyota and honda are the ones that are above. Nissan's reliability for some cars were lower. The sunfire/cavalier of course was rated lowly. Mercedes of late has been rated junky.
  22. yes, it's a conspiracy.
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    THanks for this site<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I always said that us cars were extremely reliable and long lasting vehicles. It is not without reason that people in the US still drive old cars.

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