GM LOL - Pontiac G8 ST officially dead

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Aych Es Vee, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Because Aussies are always right, der.
  2. *wrong

    That's why yurop shipped you as far as is geographically possible from home.
  3. either way, utes are awesome, and you GAIS are missin out

    '92 Bathurst 12-Hour production car enduro. It was a basic Commodore V6 and the race's 'series production' formula kept things very close to stock, including retention of the standard 7" of ground clearance and original narrow 6" rims.

    It outqualified the factory-entered BMW M5 driven by F1 world champion Alan Jones, by around 3 seconds a lap. Sik m8.

    but ya, like I said before, KILL PONTIAC, SATURN AND PROBABLY BUICK TOO, YES
  4. i'm sure they'll have another crack in the future, providing the company is still alive.
  5. How many GTO/Monaros got sold in America?
  6. Pontiac sold 40757 GTOs in 3 years
    They have sold about 15k G8's which is less than 1 G8 per dealer per month (2700 Pontiac dealers). Its basically a flop and its losing money for GM.
  7. Man, the SSR did really well, clearly this would too.
  8. It's soooooo frustrating to watch the future of the American Automotive industry just die right before your eyes...
  9. Maybe the should have called the G8 something else. Revive an old badge like they did with the GTO. Because the G8 is a much better car the the GTO and it makes no sense that it's not selling as well as it should be. I conclude either a) americans are stupid and would rather buy a good badge than a good car or b) economy is shit, which means the car itself is fine.
  10. Never understood the point of UTEs.
  11. the sales forecast was a lot higher, but then again with the financial climate being what it is there would have been a slew of other models/brands that never reached sales targets. being a sedan with a v8 wouldn't have helped either.

    remains to be seen if the venture is losing any money.
  12. I'm a lifelong Ford supporter but the current Commodore is a great fvcking car. Stupid Yanks need to buy more.
  13. Ok, fix our economy for us and maybe we will.
  14. lol @ thinking SSRs are the same as utes.
  15. lol @ not realizing this is precisely the connection most Americans would make.
  16. oh I realize it, and I still lol @ it.
  17. how is it not? and the ssr is #$%#ing gross btw.
  18. In America, and even Canada, the people who like trucks like trucks and the people who like cars like cars. There is no overlap, especially when the hybrid of the two looks like it was designed by a #%$got.
  19. El Caminos were a failure. That's why they sold them for like 30 years.
  20. I was going to buy one ;_;
  21. hey banantucker where u from cause holden is owned bye GM and holden is only sold in aus and NZ i see holden as a brand of affordable family car's that GM make's for aus and NZ and then there is a luxury and performance brand of holden wich i like called HSV (holden special veicle's).did you know that that in the middle east HSV is called CSV (chevrolet special veicle's) and in euroupe and the UK the HSV clubsport R8 is called the vauxhaul VXR8.and the pontiac G8 is basicly a holden commodore sold in the USA with different air vent's and the pontiac G8 is obiously in left hand drive and has the pontiac logo instead of the holden logo.the pontiac G8 is obiously a 4dr sedan but is the pontiac G8 ST a ute (i think a ute is called a pick up truck in the US or maybe a ute is called a ssr in the US) in australia there is a really fast ute probably the fastest ute in the world called the HSV maloo R8.And there is also a more come on ute that holden make's called the holden ute.
  22. I love your post!
  23. I already told you, the car costs too much for the value its percieved to have. the majority of buyers here do not place al ot of vlaue in a V8 RWD car unless, like the Chrysler 300, it looks like a Bentley or something. The G8 isnt an exciting looking car and it competes against much better cars from BMW/Audi/Mercedes in the 30k+ range so it was never going to sell very well here. Similarly, the Saturn Astra and Vue do not sell well because they are Euro derived cars. It makes me a bit worried about how the new fords will sell if they are euro derived.

  24. You are basically backing up what Supra said about American consumers there. I myself would love a G8, preferably a GT, but simply can not afford one. I'd rather buy that over the BMW 5series it competes with
  25. what sells is what sells. You cant force consumers to buy what they dont percieve to want. If they dont want to buy the car, they wont. thats just how it is. If, as you say you want but cant afford one, then obviously the car is priced way too high to be a success. The problem is, it cant be priced lower because it is already an imported car and the percieved utility of it isnt as much as an actual pickup truck.

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