GM on path to financial stability?

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    GM on path to financial stability?

    GM's finance subsidiary may sell the first bonds in two years in the coming months. Such a move would signal increasing investor confidence after the company's credit ratings were cut to non- investment grade in May 2005, explains Bloomberg. The financial publication attributes GM's improving financial situation to restructuring lead by CEO Rick Wagoner.
  2. I'll say yes because of the plans to go RWD and better transmissions. this should make them a better contender in certain areas in which they were lacking before with FWD and 4 speeds.
  3. I say yes, as long as they keep their quality at least acceptable, and their product as good as it looks to be in the near future. With the lower prices they introduced a couple of months ago and the improved warranty it seems like more people will want to buy GM.
  4. I think they're on the path to financial stabilty, but that certainly doesn't mean that it's definitely going to happen. They're obviously much better off now than they were a few years ago though. Hopefully they will keep it up.
  5. As long as they keep building on what they have been doing.
  6. They have turned some of their brands around especially Cadillac, but im still waiting for them to make the proper decisions about SAAB and Opel.
  7. I wasn't aware they were ever financially unstable. Their finances were shitty, but they were never unstable.
  8. If they had kept up the way they were going in the late-90's and early 2000's, they could have very easily gone bankrupt by now.
  9. Wasn't it Q1 this year they actually turned a profit? That was even excluding their sale of whatever the hell companies stock they offed. So as long as they're break even or better I'd say they're good to go. If they can break even the money games alone they can play with their huge gross should be enough to keep 'em going forever.
  10. It's never good to see a company doing shitty, so I do hope they come back on top.
  11. mad caddie whatcar is that in your avatar
  12. GM seems like its going in the right direction.
  13. The new Grand Prix is going to be so awesome.
  14. there is still a lot to work on, but seeing interviews with GM spokespeople you can actually start to see that they are begining to listen to what people want, instead of trying to tell the market what they need. (example being the walk around of the saturn sky with lutz, him stating they spent more on the interior than they would have wanted to, but he thought it was worth it, or some such shit)
  15. Their path to financial stability appears to be selling more large trucks. DIAF, GM.
  16. Just keep building the cars as they do now a days. And they have to find more ways to get a profit on every car they sell.
  17. Funny...because FWD cars actually dominate the market, and for the average buyer (non enthusiast) they really don't care about any of this. Auto news had a recent article on some interesting market research...good read...

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