GM scouring the globe for next Corvette design

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  1. i did lol
  2. If they can maintain the same price point then I'm all for it.
  3. The per-unit extra cost of a nicer interior probably pales in comparison to the marketshare they stand to gain. An optional interior theoretically adds nothing to the base price.
  4. Youre right. They arent equal, the CTS is better for the price.

    My moms 3 series (same cost as a CTS) isnt all that impressive. Both this car and her old audi had interior things break all the time.

    I was really, really impressed by the new CTS. Perfect car for the american market.
  5. Perfect car! I think they have done really great for this one!
  6. the other day i drove the 3 series, and i didnt really liked the interior at all, too plain and simple imo, audis is way better right now.
  7. theyre better at the visiual side of things yeah for sure no doght but not in performance even japan is starting to make world class supercars eg the GTR
  8. What market share? Adding a nice euro-spec interior will not convince euro sportscar buyers of the merits of the rude, brash Corvette. It's an attitude thing. People who like boring German sportscars would not be swayed. A Corvette with a Cadillac interior is still a Corvette.
  9. The marketshare that doesn't include fat 54-year-olds. And if the dismal sales of Corvettes is any indication, that's quite a huge market. Plenty of people have stepped inside the Corvette, only to be put off by the interior and lack of options. Why the hell do you think GM even bothered with offering the optional interior in the first place, hmmmm? Just for shits & giggles? I'm not saying this is the only factor, but it's a big one.
  10. we dont like cadillacs either, so yeah wouldnt change a thing.
  11. i thought the emerging trend of using the previous entry model ferrari front end was a pretty smart choice imo
  12. The current generation C-Class interior isn't very good either.

    Especially not design wise.
  13. Interior?

    GM proved they have all it takes for good interior with the Cadillac Sixteen.

    We don't need Europe. We've designed many nice cars over the years. Check out the older Corvette concept designs from the 1990s, as one example. Check out the Ford GT90 from the 1990s. The Saleen S7 has such amazing downforce, they had to adjust the suspension because it kept scraping the ground on testruns around the track, I believe the N ring. Has amazing amoungs of downforce, Saleen and GM or Ford need to get together and make a supercar!

    @#[email protected] Europe. We do NOT need them!

    The reason why they don't do this is because American car companies do not care much for the supercar business. They do not pour billions of dollars a year into developing such things like the Germans and Italians do.

    I hope they start, though. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  14. They should just make this.
  15. nice lamborghini
  16. Looks much better than the new Vector.
  17. no doght no diggity
  18. Younger people just dont seem to be as into the Front-mid engine RWD 2-seat layout as much anymore. Even if it is a winning car.
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  20. 1: I'd just like to correct you and say that: Ford is really the only american company that has been laying off the supercar buiness lately. Chevy and Dodge are all in it though: Viper, ZR1.
    2: In the world of cars, the Italians were the founders of supercars. Thus it is a grave sin to insult them. As well with Germany and luxury cars.
    3: There is absolutely NO way that Ford and GM would collaberate and make a car. It's just not possible.
    If anyone, it's most of Asia we don't need. Nissan and Mazda are really the only ones there who can make cool cars.
  21. Oy, who ordered the noobs?
  22. I know about the Viper ACR and Corvette ZR1, C6 Z06, etc. But they're not proper super cars, in what I mean by European standards. Are they great when it comes to price / performance? Sure! No doubt. But I'm talking about GREAT interior, GREAT exterior, GREAT suspension, etc. They do have some good parts, but then others are cheap. It's mixed. They need to dedicate all to making GOOD parts to be closer to competing with Europe. I know, it's by choice too. I know they have the ability to make a "proper" supercar... they just choose not to, and it pisses me off!

    GM does not put more money into "super car" business than Germany or Italy. No where near, especially over the last 30 or so years. And when I say supercar, I mean upward of at least $200k per car. They do not try to compete; they seem to like selling cheaper cars for lower price, but that's their penny pushing old grandpappy's in there. They're more into selling 'regular' cars to the masses at cheap prices, than being a sole supercar company like seen in Italy and Germany.

    We need to kick these penny pushing, old grandpappy's out and get young people in control. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  23. there is a lot more money to be made selling 5 million vehicles a year instead of the 5000 of ferrari. Thats why GM makes inexpensive cars.
  24. youre a n00b as well.
  25. Almost anyone can make nice on-off concepts.
    The Saleen S7's downforce is so amazing, it has kept the car from ever being independently tested around a track.

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