GMC Acadia unvieled...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by GT40 2, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. So it's a GMC Rendezvous...
  2. GM do like their SUVs... And it has quad exhausts why?
  3. No wonder GM is in trouble.
  4. Not another goddamm SUV!!!
  5. It's an Equinox... When the #$%# is GM gonna learn
  6. GM is full of retards.
  7. Horrible dash design
  8. Its not thats its a bad vehicle, which it might be, its that its an SUV. GM needs cars now. This is frustrating.
  9. I like pretty much everything about it. Its definately superfluous though. There will be an optional V8 right?
  10. i like it
  11. GM has way too many vehicles that are way too similar.
  12. Well at least it has a good engine.
  13. Might as well buy a damn Equinox.
  16. im pretty sure this has nothing to do with the equinox, except size. i like it, but would never buy one. just too much else on the market that looks better.
  17. equinox seats 5 and this acadia seats 7. Its a nice vehicle but its basically
    a chysler pacifica is disquise.
  18. Whoa.

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