Go ahead, call it ugly and prove you're a moron.

Discussion in '2006 Acura Advanced Sedan Concept' started by 944turb0, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. It's fresh, something new, the whole bubbley big-eyed bulky, curvey look is already dated, been around since 2000. This looks fresh, you #$%#ing #%$gots. Get used to it.
  2. its ugly haha
  3. dis vs ferery enzo?
  4. definetly has that mysterious presence
    ...as well as 22/23" rims
  5. Yeah it's fresh, but parts of it are unorganized, like the grill area, it doesn't seem to flow well with the rest of the car. But why are you so worried that people will call this car ugly? I guess it's because you think it's ugly too.
  6. hahaha.....

    i almost cryed when i saw the post, "dis vs ferey enzo"

    hahahaha phew ok im good... *snicker*
  7. fresh from the Ray Charles school of design.
  8. I'm a moron.
  9. And how!
  10. This car is extremely ugly. 944turb0 is a #$%#ing moron. Just because it's a new trend in design doesn't mean it isn't ugly. Honda Element and Scion xB were new at one point, and they are #$%#ed up cars for #$%#ed up people, usually you would see doctors that ride their bikes at 2am own those ugly cars.
  11. Calling it ugly is a matter of opinion, so anyone can call it ugly since they think, as in accordance to their tastes, that this car is ugly. So you're the #$%#ing moron for suggesting idiocity for those that consider this thing ugly. You might like it, that's fine. I personally think that this thing is fugly.
  12. Shut up you fetus.
  13. Yeah but still, i must say that its ugly, that's the truth, no matter how fresh or new it looks.

    It's darn ugly.

    Oh and by the way, i am not a moron :p!
  14. The front is awful, but the rear looks really nice.
  15. Haven't had nice week? Poor boy!
  16. If calling this POS ugly makes me a moron, then it surely makes you an idiot.
  18. weired but minted
  19. I thought it was really ugly at first, but now that I look how coherent the whole design is, it's starting to grow on me.
  20. Could be refined.
  21. Call it ugly and prove you have eyes.
  22. Well, new and fresh isn't always good.
  23. i like it looks like its made of brushed wuld be cool if it had a v8

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