god thats POWER

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  1. 1334 horse now thats some muscle
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    Thats too much power, I bet it cant handle worth crap
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    it actually can.
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    How do you know?
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    that is worth +1 karma? i guess the part where it sais that people with 100+ karma are always posting good threads/replies are wrong.
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    It's alot more power per liter than the new Bugatti and it only has two turbo's but the Bugatti has 4.
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    Because i am the keeper of all knowledge.
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    This power + This weight = Super duper car!
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    Yeah and they didnt need a HUGE engine to produce it.
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    Correct it has great aerodynamics and downforce and could probably drive on the ceiling if it was going fast enough.
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    It has 4 banks, it's a W16 configuration. Even though this is more powerfull I prefer the Bugatti.
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    The buggatti not only has more because of the W16 configuration (1 per bank) Could it also be because of reliability? (maybe for racing) But more turbos does not nessicarily mean more air is pushed it, it also depends on the size of them and the pressure at which they are running. (just a theory, please correct me if anything i have said is wrong)
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    Shut up.
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    Look at the MB CLK GTR
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    How can anyone ever make use of the 1334 bhp engine on track? If you drive this car, try not to sneeze. AAAAACCHHHUUUU, and you're flying into the nearest tree at 250 mph.
    No, serious. I suspect the only thing you do with this thing on track is brake, brake and brake even more. Try not to hit the accelerator in a corner, the power will make the car go into a spin faster than you can blink.
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    I also wanted to say something else: the front resembles the Koenigsegg.
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    the saleen s7 can also drive upside down if it goes i think 65mph
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    hey who cares if we'd never use the power,if we could never justify paying a whole lot of money for it, it has 1334 hp and that's a beutiful thing
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    This is just a concept-car, nobody knows how it actually will perform, yet.
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    The Bugatti has four to decrease turbo-lag. By having four turbo's you can keep all the turbo's small and still have the same pressure. Smaller turbo's are at their optimum speed faster than bigger turbo's, so having smaller turbo's will decrease lag.
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    Who tested the brake horsepower on this thing. SInce it hasn't actually been tested other than by their mechanics, no-one knows the REAL Horsepower of this thing. The garage probobly tested the engine which rocket fuel, and pure oxygen running though the turbo's. But then again, has anyone thought that engines with similar capacities produce more or less the same power, depending on the compression rate in the cylinders.
  23. Funny

    Why i actually found this forum is cause i'm doing some marketing research for Lotec and Project S. Project S is another Lotec Company that does diesel and gasoline turbo-charged engine tunings for Audis, BMWs, Mercedes', VWs and Opels.
    About the Sirius: The "Concept Car" is not a concept, it's real. And it works as it should. The 1st is already sold to the arabic emirates. A second one might also go there.
    And some of u guys really don't have a bit of a clue about cars. Theoretically the Sirius could make the 0-60mph in about 2.5 seconds but of course u can never bring 1300hp on the track with only 1.2 tons. But the power is tested on the test bed and it's real.
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    Forget about 0-100... But look at its 0-200... Only 7.6 seconcds !!! Now thats SUPERFAST

    http://www.lotec-gmbh.de then click prototypen then Lotec Sirius
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    #$%# THAT'S POWER!!!!!!!!!!
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