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  1. I don't care what people think, i think this is one of the most beautiful cars Ferrari has built to date, period.
  2. still meh, IMO
  3. It's not as beautiful as the Maranellos, but way better than the Scaglietti.
  4. I need turbos with more than 1K.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. my mum has got a better car
  6. one of the best cars in the world
  7. nice i like this car it is really fast and i saw one at my football practice. next to a corvette.
  8. wht does she have? a horse and a carrige?
  9. i wonder if an engine will ever be able to stand a quad supercharger and quad turbocharger.......
  10. Its Called the Veyron W16 Quad turbos.

  11. quad supercharger....i'd like to see that, i've seen double supercharged where drag cars with twin screw blowers, you bolt one blower ontop of another and run both with the same belt...guess theoretically you could do it with 4, but it would be really hard to keep the engine running, or to even start it. Guess its also possible to rig up 4 centrifugal superchargers, but once again....crazy belt set up. Any one seen that video where a drag car builder talks about how he used a supercharger from a train on his [ ibelieve it was] camaro. He said he started it up, and when he bliped the throttle one of the front wheels came off the ground from the torque and he blew his head gasket lol

    ...anyways...beautiful car!
  12. I have seen a corvette on tv with 8 turbos and 1500 horsepower.!!!!!!!!
  13. One of the best looking cars in the world, second to Ferrari F430 Novitec Rosso, now that is one sexy sexy car. Either way, I wouldn't say no if someone offered it to me, would you?
  14. I'm sure Novitec Rosso could do it, the price?
  15. i think it is a beautiful ferrari, i love the way every line on a ferrari serves a purpose, i would take mine in triple black with chrome rims and those beautiful yellow ferrari sheilds on the sides.
  16. Better-looking than Ferrari's version.
  17. Best Ferrair of this millenium?
  18. Best Ferrari of this millenium?

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