Going to Lamborghini Launch Party in NYC tonight

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ronin, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Going to be reppin JERSEY SON all the way from the VIP!!!!

    Ill report back how it does lol..

    Anyone else going btw?
  2. is it sponsored by jaeger bombs?
  3. take pics and present yourself as Supercars.net owner.
  4. sounds like a real guido convention. better take a few handles of goose.
  5. better do some dips in the gimp stall
  6. better put in a couple of hours at the tan-salon son
  7. brb going to the solarium
  8. how many dicks are you planning to suck?
  9. P996Turbo,is that you?
  10. What is lambo launching in New Jersey anyways?
  11. hey man when did they move NYC to jersey?
  12. oh shit i cant reaaad
  13. its ok, just remember to unlock your 350z and you'll still get 3 nissan iPhones
  14. Yes, man. Represent New Jersey.
  16. Is it at Manhattan Motorcars? I went to the US Exige launch party there back in 2004, they had awesome catering, lots of asshole potential customers though, and their unfullfilled trophy wives.
  17. fulfill them in their asshole
  18. Some cougar actually did hit on me that time, but got out of there as soon as she caught site of her mafioso looking husband, probably for my own good.
  20. cougar...man your boner mustve been in the negatives, farts
  21. haha

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