Going to Vegas, then San Diego

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by xDRAN0x, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Which accent do I need to use in both places to fit in and get along with locals.

    I master the North Carolina accent only right now.
  2. Use ze French accent and la girlies will swoon. As for fitting in, use any accent you want. No ones is actually FROM Vegas or San Diego.
  4. The accent you need for San Diego is beer. You should go to Stone, Iron Fist, Green Flash and Ballast Point. I'm probably forgetting a few.
  5. how good is your mexican
  6. What part of San Diego are you going to?
  7. vegas is disgusting
  8. Yeah vegas looks horrible.
  9. how is nobody FROM san diego?
    the things you say sometime
  10. yeah man didn't you know? nobody lives there.
  11. everyone who works in san diego commutes from new york every day
    how did you two morans not know this
  12. wtf man, vegas is da shit, it so hip & happenin
  13. Weak second account^
  14. I smell trolling, and I do not appreciate it.

    But, to answer your smart-ass responses, a lot of the residents of SoCal, and Vegas, emigrated there from other parts of the USA and points further abroad. The result is that a regional dialect has not yet had the time to form. As a result, any accent you use could plausibly be a California or Las Vegas accent. You could try talking like a Valley Girl, but that's as artificial as a Vegas show-girl and girls seem to think it's appropriate - only serving to prove that girls are dumb.
  15. no such thing as a socal dialect huh
    tell me more
  16. WCWsis lives in San Diego

    I'm doing a similar trip this fall. Flying into vegas, going straight to the Grand Canyon and other sites all the way south to check out Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. Then after all that southwest stuff is satisfied, gonna hang with the sis in SD and mayyybe catch a state park or two in Cali if I'm able to.

    Spent a weekend hiking in Palm Springs last year, it was absolutely awesome.
  17. Also hit up the farmers market when you're @ SD if you can, it's in little italy methinks. Every Saturday
  18. going to the big hotel in front of the marina, then vip party on the HMS Midway (lul) then Stingaree night? damn
  19. dont be a smartass
  20. Vegas is only cool for a couple of days.

    In San Diego you could hang out with fastman.
  22. Thats jagman
  23. 944turb0 account is down.
  24. lol i aint no second account, i found this site like a month ago so just chekin it out
  25. I live in SD too. There are farmer's markets all over the county every day of the week. Pretty much the same vendors everywhere.

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