Going to Vegas, then San Diego

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  1. house/techno are nearly interchangeable terms anyway
  2. America was techno in the 80s/90s and dance music wasnt popular. Now electro house and dirty house are popular.
  3. Hey Europeans, please tell me more about the electronic music scene where I live.
  4. saw something related to this
  5. And how is it a bad thing that girls wanna run around wearing nothing but body paint
  6. we're not aloud to look at them anymore

    what would ging's gf say if she read about such behaviour.
  7. lol
  8. Lol shit.

    Yeah she'd probably punchme in the face
  9. glad I'm home with proper temperature and no trains honking all the #$%#ing time
  10. wwhy is she the jealous type
    is that why shes always looking over your shoulder whilst you peruse this site
    sharing both your views and hers
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  12. Yes and your bad posting made her cry
  13. im so sorry
  14. San Diego > Vegas

    (I live in Phoenix)
  15. I wouldn't say disgusting but it is definitely dirty.
  16. I think I'd probably skip all of those except Ballast Point. I'd definitely go to Port/Lost Abbey and Toronado SD but yeah, there's tons. Others like Blind Lady, AleSmith, Coronado, Pizza Port, etc.

    I haven't been to any of these, or any other breweries/bars in SD, either. Really need to get back out there.

    Oh, yeah, and Vegas sucks.
  17. Coronado is an average place to visit. Stone and Green Flash are awesome, and Stone is 15 minutes from Lost Abbey. Why would you skip two of the most popular breweries in SD if you've never been to any of them?
  18. Because theyre popular
  19. yeah popular = OVER
  20. Bit off the beaten path Iron Fist is alright.

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