Golf R32

Discussion in 'Artwork - Photoshops and Sketches' started by 455Rocket, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. got bored today and decided to have a bit of a look around these forums. the other artists on here inspired me to have a crack and some photochopping. This is my first attempt at real car custimization, rather than just recolouring/lowering etc.
  2. Haha. Looks badass.
  3. shit, that's awesome! good job!
  4. oh sweeeet
  5. they should make that.
  6. that is super nice!!!
  7. vw crx! good job ;o)
  8. That would be a cool replacement for the corrado.
  9. hmm, i dont think they sell those in australia. whats it marketed as? competition for the caviler?

    oh yeah, thanks everybody for the support
  10. "competition for the caviler?"

    HAHAHAHA... thats hilarious. I am not laught at you, I just think what you said was funny.

    On a more serious note, these car compete, or try to compete with WRX STi and EVO 8s.
  11. ah ok, by the pictures i managed to pull up it looked to me like a rebodied golf. thought it would be similar to the relationship civic and crx del-sol
  12. awsome. looks mean.
  13. awesome job
  14. awesome job

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