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  1. That golf course was way to easy. Finished the day at 75, not bad at all.
    Finished in 3rd place for the day, so that was cool.

    Funniest part was at the very first hole, it was a par 5 and 538 yard, in a foursome with 3 guys and they asked me if I play often,
    I said occasionnally. They all tee shot before me, most cracked 150 yards.
    When it was my turn, I ripped it at 275 yards. They all said what the hell!

    All the other 17 holes, they all said that I'll tee-off first.
  2. Lol good work that's impressive
    Any birdies?
  3. Unfortunately, no. That golf course, if you par every 18 holes, you would finish at 72.
    Did some mistakes on couple of holes that cost me.
  4. You had a great round anyway nice work.
  5. i'm a 2 handicap , I make about 4 Birds a round.

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