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Discussion in '2000 Honda Accord Euro R' started by Honda rulez, Aug 9, 2002.

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    146mph.<!-- Signature -->
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    the , Dodge Viper and Ford Mustang, do not suck. i do not know what you are thing. the dodge vpier can beat any cars that you said that were good<!-- Signature -->
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    honda accord 2002, I agree with you. A Dodge Viper is an awesome car. I like this Honda Accord myself. I like most Hondas in general, that's why I myself own 3 Hondas. You know, a lot of people think that a Honda Civic can beat or go head to head with a Dodge Viper on 1/4 mile, doesn't mean Honda Civic is far more superior than a Dodge Viper. There are more than just going on a straight for racing. I have a tuned Honda Civic too and the car is fun to drive, handles very well on turns, beat few domestic V8 but there are no Honda Civics can beat any Dodge Vipers on road race. They use to Dodge Viper to compete against a McLaren F1 and Ferrari F40, there is reason why Honda use to NSX in LeMans 24 hours race instead of a Civic.
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    Well said<!-- Signature -->
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    These are nice cars but i like most Hondas, just not Civics.<!-- Signature -->

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