Good looks, but hp a waste

Discussion in '1990 Jaguar XJR-15' started by 300ZXfreakk, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. A V12 and ONLY 450 hp? What a rip-off!!
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    it uses the same engine as the XJ12, and the XJS...
    that's why the HP is low.
    it's not a true jaguar racing engine like the XJR12, giving off 700hp.
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    Look at the valvetrain! There's your answer. 2 valves? TWO VALVES! It's because it's not getting enough air :p. Yup, that's it.
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    wrong, wrong, and wrong. they were originally used in a support series for the european portion of the 1991 F1 season. The racing version came w/ a v-12 7.0 liter 725bhp engine mated to a TWR hewland 6spd. dog box. All but four were detuned for the street, One of the four I am selling on ebay right now. Search for XJR 15.
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    just because it doesn't have a lot of hp doesn't mean it still can't smoke other cars<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    thats a bloody waste yo dam right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey, the Viper gets 500hp from a two-valve V10.
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    By the way, it looks like a 'Vette.
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    i think the stats they are quoting are from the detuned road car not the race track car, cheaper to detune the engine than replace it with a smaller one hence V12 remains installed... anyway if you could afford it would you really care?! you'd just re-tune it!
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    actually, its not so bad, considering, the car does not really need excessive power to perform well, take a look at its power to weight ratio...physics states that weight and acceleration are inversely proprtional to each other, hence, greater mass, less acceleration...this car has a small mass, therefore what a car with twice the power and twice mass can do, so can this car...its more a case of not needing that much power to do what the car was built to do...look at the batmobile...
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    yeah but it's 8 years in the future from when this car was built. and dodge used a bigger engine.
    i think that helps support jaguar engines being more advanced even if its a decade older.

    or several decades (xj13)
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