good movies?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Tahoeman part 2, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. what are some good movies that you think most people have never seen and/or are underrated
  2. don's plums. Rent it, its seriously good. Leo dicaprio tried to get it banned.
  3. Big Fish .. the most underrated movie
  4. Of the top of my head,
    Der Untergang
    Das Boot
    The Seventh Seal
  5. u didnt say big fish
  6. equilibrium
  7. jesus christ: vampire hunter

  8. I forgot all about that one, But yes it's an awesome movie.
  9. Everyone says Equilibrium is underrated... But if this is the thoughts of everyone, then... Isn't it rated precisely as it should be?
  10. Wet Hot American Summer
  11. Vanishing Point (original)
  12. The Last Time.

    came out recently on dvd. Michael Keaton is in it. its well worth the time to watch.
  13. If anything it's overrated, at least by the neckbeards. It's an unoriginal mediocre film at best with a few standout action sequences. OMG gun-fu!1!

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