Good or bad... can't say!

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by SupraTT, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Bad: Jeez... so little torque. My Primera(2.0GT) has 'bout 40Nm more torque and 20hp less. And thats done with new injectors, cams and chipping. A true sportscar like this should have alot more torque.

    Good: It's a Mazda, it's japanese, 6spd gearbox and it looks mighty good(Ok... a little like S2k, but cool).<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: Good or bad... can't say!

    Should have more torque of course. But it's quite a looker! Sweet car all around. And it's Mazda! That speaks for itself.
  3. Re: Good or bad... can't say!

    BUILD IT. if they build it i will gladly put the money down

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