Good or bad?

Discussion in '2001 BMW 745h Concept' started by Audiquattro4, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. but with a v8 and only 184 hp that's like performance from the 50s. Hey it's not for speed crazed people. Anyway who needs huge horsepower in their super luxury sedan?
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    who needs to worry bout gas mileage when they can own a 70,000 car...
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    Good or Bad? i have no clue, it can go either way i guess.
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    That's a very, very good point.
  5. Why does everyone come here and all they have to say is something like "crappy 180hp, useless". I don't think it is that good as it is right now, but think about what the hydrogen technology has to offer in 2030? Much more! The hydrogen power is just taking its first steps. I wouldn't be expecting a baby to beat an adult in something that needs strength or so. Creating new engines isn't always about power, it can also be, like in this case, about saving fuel and the atmosphere.

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