Good Road Trip Tunes

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  1. Impression that I get
  2. Thin Lizzy- Boys are Back in Town

    ...idk that just popped into my head reading the thread title
  3. Just downloaded that and whiskey in a jar
  4. Fashion Nugget in its entirety.
  5. Bruce Springsteen-Glory Days
  6. Rock and Roll-Led Zeppelin
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    The Lemonheads - Dandelion Seeds
  8. this american life
  9. Anything ever performed by Tom Petty. A lot of Johnny Cash is good too.
  10. $witchfoot discography
  11. ACDC
    Tom Petty
    Dire Straights
    Australian Crawl
    Traveling Wilburys
  12. Arcade Fire - all/any

  13. Anything by Tom Petty, Bob Seger, Kansas, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eagles
  14. Immigrant song. Fecking win
  15. That's a brilliant idea, though if he's low on cash he should probably just get the two most recent albums.
  16. Day road trip, or night? Both have quite different feels to them for me.
  17. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone
  18. Anything Gogol Bordello. It will be a party.
  19. Lynyrd Skynyrd all of them and CANNED HEAT
  20. Haha, maybe if you're driving some place with a shitload of gypsies everywhere. Otherwise I dunno...
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  23. FTW.
  24. Happy country music, Beach boys, etc.

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