good speed for the horse!

Discussion in '1997 Lotus Elise GT1' started by FireBird175, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. it looks like a nice efficient engine
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    THats hell good actually!
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    It is true that you don't see too many cars with that low HP figure hit 60 so fast. What you [possibly] don't realize is that the weight plays the biggest role in this application. If you look at comperable cars, you will see that they have considerably greater HP, but they also weigh about 1000 lbs more! A small weight gain decreases performance significantly - think about adding your 150 lb friend in the passenger seat. There is usually a noticable difference. Say the 911 turbo from 2000 weighs in at ~3400 lbs, according to this site. It has about 100 extra horses and hits 60 slower (slightly).

    On the efficient engine thing, not really. It's only got 100 HP/L and it's twin turbo'd? Honda S2000 is an efficient engine. 120 HP/L and naturally aspirated! Also, Bugatti EB110 SS ~180 HP/L. Granted it's quad turbo'd, but that's a more efficient use of displacement.
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    couldnt have said it better
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    The Elise GT1 wasn't Turbo. When it was in development for the FIA GT1 racing the FIA banned turbo's. So the Lotus engineers reworked the car for a naturaly aspirated engine. After all their work the FIA decided to lift the turbo ban but it was too late for Lotus to re-engineer the car. Unfortunatly the car wasn't successful enough and was ditched after one season.
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    This car is as quick as anything to 60. 3.8 seconds. damn. you don't usually see those kind of numbers from this amount of hp. must be some nice gearing and engineering no doubt, since it is a lotus.
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    the stats are wrong. This car has over 550hp with the boost on 0,7 bar, and it goes all the way up to 2 bar!! I can't really guess what the real output would be with full boost
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    Someone has been playing a little too much Gran Turismo.....
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    well what can you say? its a lotus! look at the elise. look at this, look at the espirit. lotus did what it does best with this car. get great speed out of an output thats lower than what most of the cars in its class have.
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    Lol! So true!
    This is an awesome car though.
  11. bad horse for the money

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