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  1. Good Year is 122 years old , perhaps one of the oldest brands with Michelin and with Continental. Through the decades Good Year has been synonym of innovation and quality.

    Let's take this ad from 1962 with the first snow tires available on the commercial market, it was way ahead of its time , except Michelin with the XWS, no other tyre manufacturer else had tires made for snow

    Let's take this from 1963 with the Good Year Double Eagle with its own lifeguard safety spare which is a precessor of run flat tires, pretty remarkable for the era and once again no other tyre manufacturer proposed such a tyre back then.

    1964 Good Year improved its rubber with Tufsyn, see how the Dodge Polara 500 is driven harshly through the streets of San francisco and how well the tyre handed the treatment
  2. Also for 1964 advertisement for Alpha and Triumph cars which were both fitted with Good Year Tires

    1965 first winter tyre from Good Year with spikes

    1968 makes the apparition of the famous Polyglas tyre which is now fitting muscle cars and collector cars but which features some very innovative design back then

    same tyre with ad for 1970

    the sweetest ad from Good Year maybe from 1970
  3. 1978 Good Year launches Tiempo the first all weather tyre it will be replaced by the Vector in 1984

    1986 Good Year Eagle GT ad

    1986 Good Year Eagle GT+4 ad

    1986 Good Year for Ferrari

  4. 1988 Good Year for Ferrari

    In 1992 Good Year launches what be one of its greatest best seller, the Aquatred the first commercial rain tire

    1993 Good Year Aquatred ad

    In 1993 saw the apparition the Good Year Eagle GSC derived from the Good Year Eagle Indy 500, it offered oustanding handling in the wet and in the dry

    1994 Good Year Launches the Eagle Aquatred an improved version of the Eagle but with the Aquatred qualities
  5. 1995 Following the first generation and success of Aquatred, Good Year launches Aquatred II

    1995 Good Year launches the Wrangler Aquatread combining the qualities of the Wrangler with Aquatread qualities

    1998 Good Year Aquatread Ad

    1998 Good Year launches the Eagle F1 and the first world wide run flat tyre

    2009 Good Year launched the Eagle F1 All Season, a reference in the Ultra High Performance Tyre
  6. Today , the Good Year Eagle F1 Super Sport defined the new Benchmark for Ultra Hi Performance Tyres

    Now sticking to facts which is much more important than advertising, based on 34 comparative tests conducted from January 2015 to December 2019 by 18 leading independent European car magazines. This calculation is based on the number of tests in which Goodyear came out on top in the all-season tyre category compared to all competing tyres tested. Below you will find the comparative tests taken into account in the calculation.

    Innovation and quality have always been at the forefront at Good Year since 1898 another reason why for cars, they are often a an original equipment manufacturer mount on cars

    Racing is perhpas the heart of Good Year's motivator for innovation with more than 368 Formula 1 Grand Prix wins ,14 Le Mans win, numerous Can Am, Trans Am, IMSA GTA/GTP and Nascar Races won, they are the first name in competition tyres

    To conclude, albeit Michelin makes very good tyres and Continental too, they don't have the rich racing heritage and history that Good Year has (despite many rally wins for Michelin). Also the Blue Flame which set the record of 1000km/h back in 1970 with Gary Gabelich back then in Bonneville salt flats was using Good Year tyres.
  7. 1965 Good Year and Craig Breedlove breached the 600mph speed
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    More vids about Good Year's history


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    Perhaps Good Year most funny ad the Wide Boots GT television comemrcial from 1968.


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