Goopd Jap car

Discussion in '2002 Honda NSX Coupe' started by mustangs4ever, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. Infact this car is a pretty descent spotrs car if Ii had 1mill.$ this would be one of my dream cars to own.
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    Hehe, by the time you get your million, the guy who builds these wouldn't be alive anymore. The older models aren't bad though they're just about 10 MPH slower than the new models and helluva lot cheaper too
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    its not a good jap car,
    its an incredible supercar.
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    I think its one of the best Jap imports!!!
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    Indeed one of the best
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    Definately in the league of supercars. I have been a passenger in a 98 model NSX around a track and that thing was amazing, unfortunately the owner wouldn't let me take it for a spin <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> The NSX-R beat the Lamborghini Murcielago around the Sugo race track in Japan and it has also clocked a faster Nurburgring time yet people always call the Lambo a supercar but hardly ever think of the NSX in the same class.

    Now I have finished modifying my current car I want to start saving for a new NSX. Could take me a while though.
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    Most people might think its not a Supercar because of its quite low HP compared to other supercars like Lamborghini
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    I've driven one (older mid-90s but hey). This is one of the best sports cars of all time, at least one that is available to the medium-rich too, as opposed to ONLY the super rich.

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    There's a couple of them here in Montreal for sale, for about 60K and they're in pretty good condition
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    kk agreed
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    Cause the NSX isnt in the same class. The NSX-R only beat he Murcielago because it was in Japan. I wonder what would really win.

    Murcielago with AWD extreme aerodynamic design going 0-60 in 3.6
    NSX-R whose 0-60 is like 4.4 4.5

    If your saving for an NSX your wasting alot of money buddy. Why would you spend $90,000 for a car made for speed that has like a 3.something litre V6 that goes 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. You do know thats the same 0-60 time as a Mustang GT? You will get smoked all the time on the street.

    The NSX is possible the worst value for any car ever made. Its a huge rip off

    The NSX sucks and is one of my least favorite cars. It just sucks. Whats good about it? Email me and tell me [email protected]
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    again with 0-60 *sigh*......
    The Murc has a steel tub structure and weighs over 400kgs more than the NSX-R despite have carbon fiber parts, ever take that into account?

    Nurburgring is in Europe more specifically Germany

    Top Gear (Great Britian) tested both cars with identical times around their test track, driven by the "Stig" 1,29 Murc vs 1,33
    NSX-R minus 4 secs to compensate for the NSX's wet track. Go ask Jeremy from Top Gear

    Theres no point trying to email you anything. all you care about is
    0-60 times. You have all the info you understand and therefore need.
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    I'd buy this NSX over a Coevette ZO6 ANY DAY. Who really cares about the 0-10 or the quarter mile? Cars are made to TURN. you know, that's why they have steering columns and axels and suspensions. The NSX will murder a Corvette and a Mustang GT like nothing. Isn't it embarrasing to be outrun by a 276hp car? lol
  17. ever!

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