Gorgeous car

Discussion in '2009 Geiger Corvette Z06 biTurbo' started by flippy squirrel, May 30, 2009.

  1. Love the Black on Green, especially the tailights. The new front fascia looks fantastic as well.

    Would like to see actual performance numbers though.
  2. well, on paper there is a lot of power and a pretty high top speed
    I would like to see it be proven, that would be impressive.
  3. what? those tailights are bad
  4. *Horrifying.
  5. like i siad in the other thread, this corvette is mad dog
  6. *Atrocious
  7. it's ugly but very fast!
  8. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE TREND OF MAKING CORVETTES LOOK LIKE FERRARI'S??? Lol, seriously, first with the red one in this same article, and now this one with its ferrari tail lights. I dont get it. This trend needs to die. Right now.

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