Gorgeous new Lincoln MKZ

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SaintMediocre, Sep 4, 2007.

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  2. Fugly grille, and the LS was a true driver's car, so unless Ford's hiding a RWD platform under there, it'll be business as usual.
  3. Camry much?

    It's not very purposeful, everythings too chunky I'd say, needs to lose some weight in the design.
  4. I like it better than previous designs.
  5. Nice! Why couldn't the MKZ look more like this when it first launched?
  7. I like its front though.
  8. You mean it really doesn't have a V8 or RWD?

    Whats the point in it then?
  9. #$%# this fake Lincoln.
  10. looks korean to me.
  11. I don't know. I guess Ford felt it needed a glorified Taurus. There's really not much point in the Lincoln brand at all. It's a shame it'll suck, because I like the looks of this thing.
  13. did anyone else notice the Police license plate?
  14. doesnt really look that good.
  15. Its the MKS you idiot.
  17. Ahahaha. From the side it looks like a Lexus, those taillights are so masser and the front looks like sometihng from a late 90's concept. WTF.
  18. Who cares?
  19. Batman? in that? Lawl
  20. That or a Daewoo. Definitely Korean-looking...
  21. definately like the current better, especially the rear
  22. This isn't the MKZ, it's the MKS. Not that they're in direct competition with BMW, but the MKZ is 3-5 Series sized, and the MKS is 5-7 Series sized. Sorta similar to how the CTS and STS don't fit exactly into any one category.
  23. lulz

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