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  1. All I've heard about these things is SHIT.
  2. its no prob man u can pay it back after <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. That's what I figured. They seriously need to update the OS to be less clunky/sluggish.

    I am considering an iPhone or a Bold at the moment, but I might just get neither and wait until Summer to see if an iPhone2 comes out, and see how the Javelin (consumer version of Bold) holds up.
  4. I want proper buttons on my phone, so I could never really buy such a phone myself. Being able to go through the menus and type with one hand is something I demand.
  5. my brother has the one with the keyboard. its pretty decent.
  6. get an iPhone, you don't need such features and seriousness.
  7. I love my HTC
  8. yeah I've had an LG Prada and my girlfriend has an HTC Touch and I can't for the life of me get down with touchscreen. The second someone told me they were coming out with a touch Blackberry, I thought it would be retarded. When will they realize that the beauty of a blackberry is it's interface and buttons?

    Side note, web browsing on the Bold is pretty refreshing for a phone as it has a little cursor, so convenient.

    HUGE step up from the Blackberry 8800 World Edition that I've replaced.
  9. How's the browsing compared to an iPhone?

    My N78 is good for mobile sites but sucks ass for regular ones.
  10. well, the screen is smaller but the one thing I can't get over is how retarded typing anything into a touch screen phone is. Also, the nice thing about BB is that there are a few sites that have formats dedicated to it, also, with the Bold, everything is compressed nicely. It's also damn fast. One other thing, I'm not sure Iphone offers is that Blackberry compresses it's data by 6X so if you are on a data plan, 500mb = 3GB so that'll save you hecka monies.

    Honestly, compared to the LG Prada and HTC Touch I've used, the Iphone is the best, by miles, touch typing. Like the touch recognition is like, the bee's knees. That said, with a touch QWERTY keyboard, you are gonna miss like 30% of the time and have typos. I know that you can train yourself to do it properly but it's way more confining then it has to be. My girlfriend has had her HTC Touch for like a year now and her texts still look like 994Turb0's.
  11. So given the choice between a Blackberry Bold and an iPhone 3G, which should I take? The actual phone part being important, as well as text messaging, and taking pictures. I'm not too concerned about Internet since data plans are so bloody expensive. The iPhone does have wifi though, while I believe the Bold does not, giving it an edge for Internet.

    Oh, but the Curve 8900 (Javelin) is coming out any day now. It's basically a Curve with most of the Bold feature updates. It lacks 3G but has Wifi (I prefer Wifi), and is physically smaller than the Bold.
  12. I had that option last night.

    I went with the bold, mostly cause i still hate touch screen.

    I think for making simple phone calls and texting, Bold is better.

    While the Bold has 2.0MP Camera, I think the Iphone takes better pictures.

    The Bold does have Wifi as well.
  13. From using both the iPhone and the Bold, I can tell you the iPhone has a better design. Aside from statistics (which it's comparable/superior in anyways), the industrial design/layout/interface is a pleasure to use, there's tons of free apps, it's got the best mp3 player of any phone. And as a phone it's as good as any, I would say.
  14. The Curve 8900 seems ideal for me. It's got a 3.2MP camera, slightly higher resolution screen than the Bold 9000, and it's smaller. It doesn't have 3G like the Bold though. The Bold is clearly their businessman phone, and the Curve is their wannabe-businessman-but-really-a-student phone.
  15. All I know is that I was really impressed by the google phone when i played with my friends for a while. AND IT HAS REAL KEYS. God buttons are so underrated/awesome. tactile response is so much better than touch screens.
  16. bah, go play your hipster music and graffiti a mural. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  17. Apparently the Storm has an OS update already, and they were pushed to launch it before the final OS was ready. The update supposedly fixes most of the sluggishness.
  18. The MP rating on phone cameras matters worth shit. They all have sensors with diagonals on the order of mm, and pinhole lenses. The biggest difference in quality between phone cameras is actually the image sensors distance from the main processor of the phone - this will effect noise more than anything.
  19. I'm strongly leaning towards a Blackberry Curve 8900, but it just became available yesterday on Rogers apparently, and you need to sign a 3-year contract with a $45+/mo Data+Voice plan to get it for $179.99
  20. I would hope so. When switching between landscape and portrait it took a few seconds to orient, then even longer till you could type. And pressing down the screen to type is the worst idea ever. I assumed there'd be a way to turn that off, but I guess there isn't.
  21. then what's the point of buying a Curve?

    The bold can be had for 199.99, as well as the iPhone on a 3 year plan.

    I feel both are superior.
  22. The main reason I'm leaning towards Curve 8900 instead of iPhone is because I plan to text a lot, and the Curve 8900 keyboard is supposed to be awesome. The iPhone is the best touchscreen device out there, but for texting it still can't compare to a good Blackberry.

    I don't need to play simplistic games on the iPhone, and every phone nowadays can play MP3s and take pictures.
  23. Not true! Got a Bold for $150 from Rogers.
  24. Well, the Curve seems to be more consumer friendly. Slightly better screen, physically smaller, and slightly better pictures.
  25. either way, with pricing that competitive, i would personally pick either the bold or iphone.

    but yeah, i guess hoboman has a point. personally, i couldn't care less about the size and picture differences, so all that's left was the aesthetics.

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