Got a Corvette Part 2

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 405HPZO6, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Just bought a Z51 package coupe, took advantage of the 0 percent on 2008's and got roughly 9k off sticker. Better Pics to come later

    Yes Panda, What the #$%#
  2. whoa. Did you trade in the G8?
  3. No still have the G8
  4. are you CSL?
  5. Yup, that was my old account
  6. missed out on the football thread this year (for the most part)

    is your CSL account still banned? if not you should start using it again...
  7. both a g8 and c6? wtf you do for a living
  8. 4serious?
  9. Pay car loans.
  11. lol
  13. I suddenly feel like I need a vette.
  14. Can I have your G8?
  15. wow, a self made rich member of I thought all of us were either college students, had rich parents and were college students, or old semi poor people
  16. thread title should have been got a good corvette.
  17. pics of G8 and Corvette together, k, thnx, bye.
  18. That's awesome
  19. i can feel a legendnh story coming up.
  20. Yes those are coming, my fiance said that last night. I have to clean the G8 again, It gets so dirty so fast, especially the read end of the car.

  21. CSL trains pro wrestlers. he honestly has one of the coolest jobs a man of his size can have.

    at least that's what I've heard in the past. I'm sure it's fairly well paying, not everyone knows how to take a fall or use leverage or how to protect yourself from accidental damage.
  22. he works at dallas airport. ive seen him there.
  23. next up, a supercharger.
  24. *a new interior
  25. he doesn't live anywhere near dallas

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