Got a Corvette Part 2

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 405HPZO6, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. The Vette's rear will get really dirty fast too. When it rains you'll have to clean out around the taillights otherwise you'll have water spots in there since it collects and dries. Aside from that the only other problem spot are the wheels, the fronts can get loaded with brake dust super fast (applies to any car, but really noticeable here).

    What option level did you get? I went with the 3LT, almost wished I got the nav system, but meh I can live without. I see it's a glass top, and imo glass top is better than the painted/upholstered top any day of the week.

    Congrats on the purchase.
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  3. he used to work at o'hare a few years ago...
  4. you only accumulate brake dust when you use your brakes
  6. Hes from Chicago.
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  9. ive had it for 2 days now and here are some thoughts

    Will have to take it in to replace the targa top handles, a problem i knew 2008 cars had. I did spray some WD40 on some paper towels and rubbed it along the joint and the noise is no longer there

    Compared to my G8 which has pretty smooth accleration, the Corvette is more in your face eventhough i have not stomped on the pedal yet since it hasant been broken in.

    Its a Corvette but the amount of people who stick their head out of their cars really is surprising.

    The dual mode exhaust like i said earlier really is a option im glad i got.

    im a big guy and i fit comfortably in the car which is much smaller than the 5th generation

    It generally feels like it drives bigger than the G8 but that could be because im not really used to it at all.

    The interior of a corvette is well the interior of a Corvette, yes it could be better but i dont really care that much

    its going to be 65 tomorrow and Sunny <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  10. I sat in Z06's and it felt like a glove to me. Smaller than my Panda.
  11. Its just a 1LT

    I told my fiance the only things i really wanted were the Z51 and the exhaust, both of which i got.

    I could have done without the two tops and the aluminum wheels. im planning on getting black or dark gray rims sometime after my wedding.
  12. Really? C5's and C6's feel huge to me.
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  14. Nice commodore.
  15. Agreed, he's just fat from eating the children that don't work at the sweat shops
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  17. if i had a choice to buy 5 cars, i would buy:
    a 2002 C5 corvette lingenfelter 427 tt, corvette ZR1, dodge hennessy viper venom 1000 tt, dodge viper SRT10 and a maserati MC12
    stfu if you have any problems
  18. you need cars with more horses power
  19. what, the 427 tt lingenfelter has 802hp and the hennessy viper venom has about 1000hp to 1100hp and the ZR1 and MC12 have about 600hp
  20. the list in your sig smacks of 14-year-old
  21. not real horsis stupid Bolivian!
  22. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  23. what do you mean
  24. I'm not going to speak for anyone...but I think he is trying to say that only a 14 year-old would have the same taste in car that you have selectes in your sig.

  25. right well any way most fourteen year olds wouldnt have a clue what a 427 tt lingenfelter or a hennessy viper venom is even if their lives depended on it, the SRT 10 and ZR1 they might know and possibly even the MC12, but they would be to buisy dreaming about owning a ferrari or lambo and all the other $600,000+ cars to worry about the cars reliability and afordability and performance, not saying that lambos, ferraris and $600,000+ cars dont have performance but just that they need a bit of maitanance

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