Got a Corvette Part 2

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 405HPZO6, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Hennessy cars have had some reliability issues
  2. More horsepower is automatically better regardless of what it does to the reliability and handling (all in caps with a gazillion exclamation points at the end).
  3. Hey, it's ok to be 14, just not here, pal.
  4. Seriously though, what's your real age.
  5. are you proud of being so amerikan?
  6. 18
  7. true
  8. nice pictures send more
  9. theres no age limit here as long as you have an idea of what your talking about then thats good enough
  10. let me drive the vette

  11. I remember when I was 12.. i knew what/who Lingenfelter and Hennessey were.. friend even had a folder in his binder of a Viper Hennessey 650R (came in a pack of bunch of cars), but i am sure it wasnt marketed at kids or anything.. even had performance figures on the inside cover that kids like to shout out.

    they are very hyped cars..

    Any 14 yo that finds this site probably knows who Hennessey etc are.. and has your signature text.
  12. There's a difference between knowing facts about what you're trying to say and sounding completely fUcking stupid when you say them.

    You, my friend are the latter.
  13. if i had a choice to buy 5 cars, i would buy:
    a 2002 C5 corvette lingenfelter 427 tt, corvette ZR1, dodge hennessy viper venom 1000 tt, dodge viper SRT10 and a maserati MC12
    stfu if you have any problems
  14. DO WANT.

    I am really jealous!!
  15. thats believable, your into cars so would have stumbled onto a hennessy viper/ lingenfelter vette

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