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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 962RACER, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. a friend of mine who owns a computer store cut me a good deal on a sony dsc-w1 with a 512mb memory stick pro, so i picked one up a couple of days ago. heres the first real picture i took with it. one pshopped(the smaller one) and one as it was captured.

    its got decent features for a point and click(some manual feature capabilities, good shutter speed range, attachable telephoto and wide angle lenses and filters etc).
  2. Sony is the one brand I swear by...
  3. i had a W1 and enjoyed it til it broke. So im probably gonna get me a T1 next.
  4. i juss got a nikon coolpix 4100. its very nice. 4 mp and such. only 185 too.
  5. I had a bit of a fiddle with one the other day and it seems like it would be pretty capable. I don't think I'd ever buy another Sony, though.
  6. Nice pics and nice cat. I might buy a Canon Powershot A85. Any thoughts?
  7. Get whatever one doesn't have the flip out screen. That's shit. The one below it is better + cheaper.
  8. Why is the flipout screen shit?
  9. ditto
  10. easy to break, that particular canon, with the flip out screen, we've been thru like 5 of dem already at my job where customers/kids play w/ it and $*&[email protected] it up.
  11. Sony is too awesome...

    I have a 2 Sony tv's (32", 57"), digital camera, video camera, telephone, Playstation 2, Dvd player, VCR, and some more stuff...just can't think of it

    Nice pics btw nice camera too
  12. im not the biggest sony fan either, mostly because of their prices but i got a killer deal on the camera and this particular model has good manual features and the a bility to take additional lenses(wide angle, telephoto, supertele etc) and filters, a pretty big screen and good battery life and i got it wholesale from a friend so it was a no brainer.

    i got the camera plus the 512mb memory stick for 450bucks canadian plus taxes, thats about 25-30% cheaper than what they sell at future shop etc(department and electronics stores).
  13. I hate sony

    I'll recomend any camera (even Canon) over a sony.

    My first digital camera was a sony, i still dont know how to use it.

    Because of my job, i talk to alot of camera guys and every single one of them hates sony - seriously.

    And also, before my job with Kodak i used to work in a electrical store in their AV dept and i never liked sony, sony of 2004 is crapola.
  14. Yay! I got the Canon A85. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> A bit heavy/big but fits into my pocket and takes great pics (compared to my old camera).
  15. even Canon? for small cameras, your best bet is to get a Canon A-Series. p+s capability + lots of manual features + ability to use lens adaptors/filters.
  16. Yes, the canon A-series is awesome. I've had my A80 since May and I like it a lot.
  17. agreed. outside of a few things, i stay away from sony (ps2 and such is fine). juss look at their car audio stuff. horrid.
  18. U have to understand, i work for Kodak and i think we make the best small cameras
  19. Sony used to be the biggest R&D company in the world, back then only Panasonic would give them a headache. They have since shut down their R&D dept (to a extent) and since then they have gone down hill. Like i said, i used to sell their products and know everything about them, u name me a product and i can tell you what is going to #$%# up.


    U buy one of their rear Projectors, your green globe will go really quick. What they do is pump it up to produce a better colour but it ultimatly goes bust.

    U buy one of their Hi-Fi systems your cd tray will stop working after a while because of a cord that they made too short, this was a $2 fix which they knew about but didnt fix.

    The list goes on. And with their cameras, they are hopeless. If you think they are good its because you have never used any other camera
  20. again you sons of #%[email protected], i said im not a big fan of sony either but can any one of you beat the deal that i got with a 512mb memory card and that cam?

    keep in mind it was bought for 450 plus taxes CANADIAN DOLLARS. the same camera sold for $484.00 at future shop plus 159.00 for the memory stick, making that over 640 bucks before applicable taxes(14.5%).

    and no, i couldn't get the deal for any other camera, else i would have opted for a kodak or olympus instead.
  21. Ferrarista01, I don't want to sound confrontational, but similar complaints can be found about nearly any brand on the market.
  22. My family's had a Sony hi-fi system for about 5 years, and NOTHING has gone wrong with it at all.

    I've had a Sony digital camera for the past 18 months, taken over 5,000 photos, and nothing's gone wrong with it at all. In fact it more than likely still produces better images than any current Kodak P&S cameras.

    Sony isn't all doom and gloom like everyone says they are.
  23. all that said, and while the quality is usually good i find that sony still is a bit overpriced in comparison to other brands, in any product category.
  24. Generally they are. But on alot of levels, their build quality is alot better than the other Japanese department store electronics brands, which for me makes the extra cost (usually only 5-10% tops) worth it.
  25. I really like Sony stuff, and have had great results with everything I have purchased. My biggest purchase was a DVP-S9000ES, which I love.

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