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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by c7015, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. So needed a family car , went with this , its an 04 with around 80 km on it , got it for $20 000 . V6

    not dreading the snow as much this year

  2. Interesting choice.
  3. Congrats bro. I wouldn't have bought that though.
  4. Nice, I wish I had that.
  5. wait till you have kids ... (assuming you dont)

    gonna be a great for the cottage / skiing and winter in Canada

    from what I read its a pretty capable machine , I did read of some reliability issues but I'll roll the dice , still has 2 yrs warranty on it so well see.
  6. thanks bro
  7. not a bad choice. handsome looking for a 4x4.

    what's the fit and finish like in the interior?
  8. better then the GM product I had last

    condition was near perfect on this one , leather is holding up well , there is a section of wood veneer that looks like it has some weathering , but I cant tell if its a defect or just how it came from factory , all and all very satisfied. Cant wait to see how it holds up off road
  9. Excellent choice!
  10. love those

    my friend's dad had the V10 TDi. mental car
  11. I wish I could have found a v10 ... told the dealer to call me if they ever see one come across the lot ... not that I have a 747 to tow or anything, but it's pretty much an instant dick extension ..(which I supose is also un nessasary )

    also thanks
  12. SUV is definatly nice for kids, and better looking than a minivan. 4x4 is awesome for the Canadian winter. How many kids do you have?

    Congrtaes on the new vehicle.
  13. 100% , never go minivan. Just had the first , Little Girl about 4 months now.
  14. ugh i hate aussie car prices <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  15. This.
  16. not my thing but definatly congrats.
  17. yeah i have two little girls. probobly be your daddy's little girl like mine.
  18. those are awesome , owners always seem to enjoy them a lot. pretty good offroaders if your into that too...
  19. Is that the new Panamera?
  20. Should have gotten a wagon/estate. Still, the unpronounceable VW is a nice SUV, though the V6 is a bit overmatched.
  22. Nice car, I was going to get one for the missus a while ago, got a Cayenne in the end.

    congrats on the purchase.
  23. cool, but too bad it not that gnarly v10 tdi one.

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