Got my dream car. YES!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by CJ4976, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. pictures or death.
  2. Replace the garbage Mazda 2.5L with a Ford 3.0L Duratec and it's good.
  3. My dream car is a 1995 BMW 850CSi, on the flipside of things, the dream project car is an 88 Fiero GT.
  4. I love those cars. Great buy.
  6. My realistic dreams:

    Ferrari F40
    Ferrari F50 GT
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari 360 CS
    Ferrari F430
    Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jotta
    Lamborghini Diablo SV
    Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
    McLaren F1 LM
    McLaren Mercedes-Benz SLR
    Porsche 993 GT1
    Porsche Carrera GT
    Pagani Zonda C12
    Pagani Zonda C12S
    Pagani Zonda C12S Roadster
    Pagani Zonda F
    Pagani Zonda F Roadster
    Mercedes Benz CLK LM
    Jaguar XJ220
    Bugatti EB 110SS
    Bugatti Veyron
    Saleen S7 TT Competition Package
    Mosler Photon
    Caparo T1

  7. That is one of a few dream cars I hope to own some day. . . it will fit nicely next to my other dreams of a 90-91 grand prix turbo, and an 86 sunbird turbo with a stick. . .

    theres nothing wrong with dream cars that you can afford now. .
    that thing looks great, man. . have fun. . .
  8. So cliche.
  9. no, ill definetly have other cars in my life. this is one im making into a car that ill drive in like nice weather. Im treating it like its a classic. Its only goin to see the road when the conditions are good. My family owns 2 F-150s and a Taurus, so ill be fine with that. And later on all i need is an old junk truck or something for A-B driving.
  10. It's still a decent car! Good go man. Sweet deal
  11. Thank god, only six more retarded comments from you today, and it is over.

    Nice car, don't listen to the jealous bastards.
  12. If that's his dream car, let it be. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Very nice car so keep it in good condition
  13. hmm, give it a few more years and it will be very very nice to see one of these

    I am glad there are people like this to take care of cars, where would we be if every car was automaticallly crushed after being say 5 years old? no more street rods, no more muscle cars, no more 80's and 90's stuff, no more classics

    people need to realize that the common car of today will be a classic tomorrow
    (ok, not that soon)
    who would of thought that some of the cheap shitty economy cars of yesteryear would be fun to look at and own now?
  14. my scanners not working for the charger pics and i just bought the fury a month ago. and by the way someone said i could not offord these because my name is chargerBOY, that has nothing to do with this i find cars for cheap and hop on the deal.
  15. post a pic of you putting a sign up in the rear window that says "Veyronman is TOTALLY AWESOME OMFGWTFLOLBBQ!¬!"[email protected]#&"
  16. its a damn shame when only six figure cars can be dream cars, only poseurs care so much about price. he's a kid, of course he's gonna have other cars. some people are more practical in what they want, its pretty stupid i think to post a list of entirely million dollar cars over and over again.. THATS retarded. i'm sure he knows a lamborghini or pagani are a million times more exotic and what not but there isnt anything wrong with that. tell somebody that bought a muscle car new for a couple grand that it now sells for several hundred grand and they'd rightly laugh their ass off, aside from wishing they held on to it. of course compared to an F40 or a bigmac, all those things are low-tech POSs, yet there you see these guys at barret-jackson shelling out new ferrari money for basically the same exact thing that this kid bought. doesn't matter if its not your cup of tea, its stupid rude to say 'thats your dream..huh-huh'

    glad you got your dream car man!
  17. Hey, nobody was saying we absolutely know you're lying about it. But generally when someone comes on here (or any messageboard for that matter) and starts rambling about their awesome car collection, they're full of shit. So ppl on here generally don't believe such things until they have been proven wrong.

    If you're buying cars in that shape, it's more believeable. Hell I owned a 69 Charger with a 440 4/spd in highschool. I think I was 16 when I got it, maybe 17. Never quite got it on the road, even though it needed next to nothing, but I still owned it for like a year. Sold it because I lost my liscense.

    If you even bother to stick around, either come clean quick if you're BSing, or post enough pics (such as with you standing next to the car holding up a sign saying and people will believe you.

    In any event there is no reason to be dissing this guys car. All those cars you have=this 30 years from now. This is one of the very few RWD American cars from that era, AND he has a special edition of a model that was fairly low production in the first place.
  18. Those were one of my favorite cars back in the day. Love the shape and can look really nice lowered and rims. I haven't been around one for a while, but I remember liking the interior/instrument layout. Sort of a cockpit feel.

    Congrats and enjoy.
  19. oh yeah, thats one of the things i love about it. the interior its awesome
  20. Who'd of thought? I thought your dream car would at least have an SVT symbol somewhere on it.
  21. Baby steps. When I was his age (I'm assuming 15) my dream car was a 1g DSM, then it became a C5. Now it bounces between a 911TT or Z06 after I mod the hell out of the C5.
  22. I'd totally love to have a 1G DSM. They rock. My dream car at that age was a 3000GT VR4. Still wouldn't mind one of those actually. With how much lower their initial purchase price is, you'd probably still come out better than with a Supra.
  23. I would have loved a 3000GT but at the time they were still nightmares on the tranny while launching. I havent checked up on the 3000GT communities in a while, but I think they got most of the tranny problems sorted out with a rebuild/upgrades. Always was a favorite of mine.
  24. Yea. BUT you have to remember even stock their trannys weren't THAT bad... It was all the 6000 RPM clutch drops that really made the break all the time. But yea, they have found ways to beef them up quite a bit, to the point where you could have quite a high powered street car reliably if you spend the money.

    I'm an admitted AWD fanboy, and I honestly still wouldn't mind getting a VR4 at some point. They're just so cheap compaired to Supras, and even 300ZXs and RX7s. But since I first started posting on here I have turned into more of a domestic/muscle car guy than Japanese. Even though it's reasonably priced compaired to the other TT bruisers of the era, they're still heaps more than Mustangs/F-Bodies than can be made to rape them for less.

    That said, I'd totally buy one if I had an extra 10-12K sitting around to get a nice low mileage 1st Gen.
  25. #$%#, I forgot the Koenigseggs and the FXX...

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