Got over stressed... went on bike ride...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Drift God, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Also helped that its 55f in Utah... in the middle of January...

    Proof pics;
  2. Korean Hyosung bike? Lol.
  3. quite shitty maybe
  4. Is that a 1000cc?!
  5. It's snowing here. My weather beats your weather.
  6. dude michigan winters are horrible. Not cold enough to be pretty, just hovers around freezing so everything turns into a slushy, cold, muddy mess.
  7. I've had it for 2 years... no issues at all besides chain being replaced.
  8. I've had no issues either apart from the time i broke my knuckles.
  9. I don't know where you lived but that isn't the case most of the time. Only in fall and again in spring when the seasons are changing does that happen. It ususally happens once in January as well, but the slush is short-lived. Go back to your baking, brown hell-hole and stop spreading false truths about winter here.
  10. when i think of a bike ride i think of a bicycle ride, not a motor ride.
  11. Why would you buy that bike in the US? when good Japanese bikes are cheap as hell?
  12. My bike is so loud it break your Korea shit bike in 3 piece.

    1 is send to Japan
    1 is used for buirld new steamer for apartment
    1 is feed to live animal pigs, they have no name and they digest "Hyongsang bike" like pieces of grain

    Your body I run over with Type 59 tenk
  13. FUC K ME
  14. Current weather: 73 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. Light breeze blowing off the water. Suck on it.
  15. yeah but you also 'drive' bicycles so you can STFU
  16. Thats what it was like the entire winter in ann arbor. Hover between 15-35, sludge everywhere because michigan is too shitty to plow, everythings dirty, etc. Theres a reason michigan has lost so much population in the last 30 years: Nobody wants to live there. Its shit. The people are shit. The food is shit. The government is shit. The economy is shit.

    Its 65 and sunny today. Suck it.
  17. There must be a different Ann Arbor in Southeast Michigan that you lived in, because here in the true Ann Arbor the past four winters have been snowier than usual. None of this sludge business. And the dirt is only on the streets, because they use sand to improve traction. Get away from the roads and it's not really dirty at all. The only time the snow builds up is when we get a major snowfall - but what, as a ninjaneer, were you expecting from people who have thousands of miles of streets and roads to clear? It's going to take time. The same amount of snow would literally kill the city where you now live. As for Michigan's population crash over the past thirty years, that has one cause, and it has precisely nothing to do with the weather, or the food, or any of the other pissy reasons you pulled out of your ass. You're probably just butt-hurt because Toyota wouldn't hire you.
  18. oh GOD
  19. amazing
  20. loled
  21. I declined a position at toyota.

    Michigan is shit. My family is from minnesota, which is also pretty crappy, but because it stays colder there, its actually much nicer. Its not gray every day, everything isnt dirty/sludgy all winter (I dont know how much of this has to do with the lowlifes that live in michigan or if its the weather), etc.

    The roads are nasty, Sidewalks are nasty, parking lots or nasty. Anything cars drive on or near is nasty, so basically anything that you need to use regularly is nasty. All the time. Plenty of other places have the plowing thing figured out, but michigan is just broke and stupid and throws sand all over everything.

    And the declining population has lots of reasons, but it being shit up there is #1. If it wasnt people would come back when the auto industry is doing well. They dont, because realize it sucks. The number of north and midwest transplants down in the south is insane. They all think it blows up there.
  23. only reason to keep coming back
  24. What you mean?
  25. Plenty of people that moved elsewhere when the economy tanked are now moving back. I just did and while there's still a LONG way to go, things have definitely improved greatly from where they were 3 years ago.

    Even downtown is beginning to make a (very slow) comeback. Tons of kids are moving down there and revitalizing the city and the auto industry and job market are definitely improving in huge amounts.

    Detroit has it's faults, and the lessening of plowing/salting due to budgetary constraints is definitely one of them.

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