Got snipped today.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DIGGS, May 12, 2016.

  1. No more babies for me.
  2. Not sure I'm there yet, we'll see
  3. Oh I thought it was a bris maybe
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  5. My balls hurt
  6. i don't get why guys do that
  7. No more kids. No more rubbers. No more birth control pills that make girls fat.
  8. Pfft, has your missus not heard of anal? Pretty selfish of her if you ask me.
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    id get her to snip her junk. you dont mess with my twanger
  10. Pull out and deposit your love yoghurt in her hair. Girls love that
  11. Congrtes on your fearless cream pies.
  12. Way to apply pr0n to reality
  13. Yea not eating the yoghurt I have in the fridge anymore.
  14. Vman and woot. I would never treat my wife like such a dirty slut....... that's what her best friend and my secretary are for.
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  15. Amarite guys?


  16. GUFFAW
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  18. My brother has 3 children and definitely wants to shut the business down, but I don't think he has the balls to get that done.

    Get it?
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  19. 360° noscope
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  20. I can't stand the word snipping srsly
  21. You had a bad experience
  22. Oh many, but none are dick related
  23. First time I heard the word snipping was during a Microsoft class on Windows 7, by the way, which was equipped with snippingtool.exe (which is a great tool I always wanted in other windows too) and I thought then already it was a stupid name :p

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