Goth scratched my car, I broke his face

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Igol F40GTE, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. I was debating whether or not to make a thread since the scratch isn't visible in the pictures I took, but what the hell. Ignore the random Ferrari pictures that appeared for whatever reason.

    Today I met a friend for an early lunch at Stubs for delicious Reuben sandwiches before she goes back to Moscow for college later today. After a nice lunch we were about to go our separate ways, but I find something that angers me. A group of five sh!t-eating goths that looked no older than 16 (school is out today) were standing around my car smoking, and one is sitting on the rear bumper/decklid. I politely asked the pasty waste of flesh to please get off my car, and he replies "well what are you going to do about it?". He slides off to confront me and there's a sharp scraping sound caused by one of his hundreds of pant zippers. I was furious at this point, but still willing to settle this non-violently. He approaches me with his gothlings, clearly looking for a fight. I then walk up to him and reply, "I'm going to knock your f*cking teeth out."

    He swings at me with his pasty meat fist, which I avoid with a slight twist of the torso. I retaliate with a right fist to the mouth (I try to keep my promises), then a left hook right in the nose. He goes down and smacks his head on the pavement with a sound my friend described as, "a watermelon hitting concrete". His idiot friends appeared to sh!t themselves in unison and ran off, leaving their bleeding friend to my mercy. I wasn't done yet. I kicked him over, put my foot on his back, twisted the front of his loose spiky collar so the studs were facing inward, and pulled on the back. He screamed as the spikes dug into his throat. I tell him not to f*ck with other people's cars, pull him up by the collar and shove him. He ran off disoriented and in tears.

    The end result was a fine four inch long scratch on the decklid, right between the vents going down to where the bumper starts. There was also a scuff near the license plate from his boot that I can't quite get off. None of it is very noticeable, but I'm still pissed about it.
  2. I bet the goth went to his dark basment, wrote a terrible poem, and the cut his wrists.
  3. fan-tastical!
  4. Sad about the car, glad for the King Salomon type justice.
  5. He got exactly what he deserved. You mess with a mans car, expect him to mess you back. Nice work.
  6. I jsut want to give you a +1 karma but I can't.... I love you. Well done.
  7. Thank you for your support. Here is where the scratch is, it doesn't show up for obvious reasons (for those of you that are a little slow, it's because my car is white).

    Another blemish on my poor vehicle is just what I needed. The local idiots have already dinged it one too many times. Vengeance will be mine, maybe even some Revengeance.
  8. See, I'm not a very confrontational person, so when I walked out to my car one day only to find some pimply faced douchebag with his ass parked on one of my front fenders trying to mack da #%[email protected] with my poopy brown car, I just pulled my keys out of my pocket and tripped the alarm. THAT was a good laugh.
  9. My mom says that when alarms were a novelty in cars she'd press the alarm button whenever somebody walked close to the car and it would scare the hell out of them...
  10. Yeah, I rarely use mine. Honestly, who's going to steal it? And what's an alarm going to do when I'm inside of a movie theater or a mall? I swear I'm just going to get an immobilizer if I start feeling really protective. But seriously, I don't drive a Honda, and I don't drive a 1991 Toyota Camry.
  11. Couldn't agree more with you.
  12. I hate those people that steal hubcaps from cars...
  13. in canada, he would have taken you to court and would have won several million dollars that you would have to pay for the next few years.

    ...god damn I wish I lived in Russia. Where you can off people you dont like.
  14. Not quite Russia, I'm in Boise Idaho. To clear up any confusion, Moscow is a college city further north.

    The owner of Stubs knows me well (my meals are always on the house when he's there) and actually came outside to make sure everything was okay. He would have testified that I was not the one that struck first. Who are the courts going to believe? The idiot goth's friends, or the owner of the restaraunt that saw everything?
  15. ^the US is still better then Canada when it comes to needed ass kicking
  16. Well done. I hate goths, they are disgusting creatures.
  17. Sigh... retarded kids these days...
  18. Thats not really true either. I know people that have been caught after beating someones ass. One guy I know had to pay 12,000 dollars over 2 years or something to the guy whose nose he broke.
  19. assault? i know a guy who went to jail for a year after he got into a scuffle with his best friend, and won.
  20. Word. If he was still layin' on the ground I would have backed over his sorry ass. I don't care who you are or what clique you think you fit in to, you don't jack with a man's car, especially right damn in front of him. Kids these days.
  21. GOOD WORK! GOOD WORK! GOOD WORK! I love what you did. Put him in his place. Your my hero.
  22. You deserve a parade in your honor.

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