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  1. help me. emergency!!!11 ZOMG
  2. raindrops = plural = are
  3. Not sooo simple..

    The first line of Tamia's 'officially missing you'

    "All I hear is raindrops falling on the rooftop /
    Oh baby, tell me why?d you have to go "

    = why I am confused.

    Isn't "all i hear" the object? And is "all i hear" singular?
  4. are - shouldn't this be about theirs and theres?
  5. no, raindrops ARE the object, raindrops, like tempoman said, ARE plural. "hear" is teh verb.
  6. bingo.

    reversed syntax makes it hard to diagram sometimes.

  7. it would be different if it was "all i hear is the SOUND of raindrops" but in this case ARE is the answer
  8. lyrics dont follow the rules of grammar.

    and since when do you look to black people for grammar?
  9. see the thread about black people and the "gallardo"
  10. I'm taking an English grammar class right now... And I am probably wrong, but my guess is that "raindrops falling on the rooftop" is a present participial phrase that's also the predicate noun, and that's why it's "is" instead of "are."

    ... I could be wrong.
  11. Because "all" has a clear antecedent, you match the verb with the antecedent. If your subject were an indefinite pronoun such as anybody, anyone, somebody, etc, then you would use the singular.

    edit: use 'are'
  13. I would say the "all" before actually makes "is" the correct choice. If the sentence was "Two things I can hear...", then "are" would be the obvious choice. But "all" is pretty singular.

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