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  2. Uh, yeah. That's it.
  3. h-mong. they're called h-mongs.
  4. Just saw it, everyone in my family loved it, despite all the asian-ness
  5. Really Great Movie
  6. No, pointing shotguns at Asians while using every ethnic slur ever imagined is funny.
  7. shit that was his son?!! that guy is like a year older than I am! talk about late kids, the man was 56! the guy was in his 70s before the kid even had a drivers license.

    and I loved this movie, it wont win any awards for acting but everything else about it is lovable. I had my doubts, but its definately an excellent flick.
  8. more like the result of clint and a flight attendant
  9. M1 Garand
  10. Great movie.
  11. One of the best movies I've ever seen, I think.
  12. worth the money
  13. How did the horrible supporting cast not ruin this movie for you all?

    And at what point in this stupid movie was someone supposed to believe that stupid "gang" could light up Clint Eastwood with automatic weapons?

  14. Agreed 100%. Some of the worst acting I've seen in a major Hollywood release ever, and i mean ever.
  15. Too bad i live in this shit country where we have to wait a million years for movies to finally play in our theatres.

    16th of Febraury <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    For the meantime i bought the Dirty Harry collection on DVD <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. Saw it on thursday, I liked it a lot.
  17. because you're a retard and so is that guy that agrees with you.
  18. I'm pretty sure they were all using semi-autos on Clint Eastwood, the automatics were when they gatted up the house.

    And since when did it take an intelligent or skilled person to fire a gun at someone else?
  19. torrents it then. Its a very good movie, but nothing special about seeing it in the theater.
  20. There is definetly an angle where they show somebody lighting him up with a fully automatic weapon from a window. Btw, I didn't find the acting for the Sue and Tau (sp?) characters all that awful. Clint's performance was terrific and if for nothing else you should go see the movie for that.

    "You wanna be super-spade or something?"
    "As long as you don't put a spoiler on it like the rest of the damn zipperheads, you can have the car."
  21. Dude, they did not seem like a bad ass gang at ALL. They seemed like some dorks picking on the dudes cousin, nothing more.

    It was a horrible movie, and Fordracing is stupid for liking it.
  22. What the #$%# does them not being a 'bad ass gang' have to do with anything? Are you required to be a badass to shoot someone?

    If you want to knock the movie for having a subpar supporting cast, that's fine. Trying to tell me the movie was bad because you didn't think the kids in the gang were cool enough to use a gun is just stupid.
  23. Thats alot of the point, you moran. Its that theyre NOT really all that hard and theyre just #$%#ing with the normal people. Hes showing that its not as glorifying as rap makes it out be and that its stupid.
  24. I think you're just trying to find a reason to have it make sense.

    They spent too much time doing other dumb shit in the movie to actually develop the characters in the gang. Hell, it seemed like they didn't even write a script for them, half of the shit they said was obviously ad-libbed.

    I understand that anyone can shoot someone in real life, but in a movie - you need to establish that certain characters have the capacity to actually do a particular thing. This movie did nothing to lead you to believe tht this gang would ever kill someone. All they did was push around the guys cousin, then all of a sudden repped a drive by on that house. It was #$%#ing retarded and didn't make sense at all.

    The racism, on the other hand, ruled.

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