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    Ah, that must be why it's so long! (duh)<!-- Signature -->
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    if they manage to develope the '07's reliability and engine power, it will no doubt be at least on par with Joest's R8's. Just look at the 2001 texas ALMS results. Incredible!<!-- Signature -->
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    Actually it is no longer than any other LMP, the length is regulated and all the cars are at the edge of regulations.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from RAGE</i>
    <b>During this past year's ALMS competition, Panoz began using an older version of this car. this was the major upset of the season, as it broke Audi's 17 race winning streak (correct me on that figure if I'm wrong) with two streight wins. Had it not been for an act of incompitance on David Brabhams part, the team would have shown better at the Petit LeMans (road America, owned and opperated by Don Panoz).</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    That last race was really a the car was later fixed and ran at the leader's pace all the way till the end to finished 10th....

    Panoz will still use the old car to compete in the the next year's ALMS and Le Mans. While Dick Barbour Racing will run a pair of LMP-07 in the LMP 900 class(up from the Reynard in the LMP675), but power will come from the the new Mugen V8...<!-- Signature -->
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    I love this car, it reminds me of the old can am cars I saw when I was young.
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    I agree I also like this car a lot. It just looks and sounds awsome. This car's nick name is "the batmobile."<!-- Signature -->
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    this is a cool looking car. and one of the only front-engined prototypes run in endurance racing today. it's too bad panoz wasn't able to get much success out of it. currently, they have been bought by Dick Barbour racing. they have installed new engines in them and are planning to race them in the American Le Mans series and Le Mans. Good Luck to them!
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    they would do better at faster tracks<!-- Signature -->
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    I have to throw some corrections in here. The Petit Le Mans race is not held at Road America, and Don Panoz does not own that track. Petit is held at Road Atlanta which IS owned by Don Panoz. It's an incredible track which i've had the utmost privilege to drive when i attended Panoz Racing School there. You wouldn't believe the drop off in turn 10; it feels like you're falling off a cliff. Also, Panoz didn't win two straight last year. They won at Mosport (i think that's the track), then finished third at the next race, then they won again. It was a fantastic return to form and since i'm only about an hour away from Chateau Elan (resort owned by Don Panoz) and Road Atlanta (home of Panoz Motorsports) i was thrilled to have my boys once more competing with a shot to win.
  10. is panoz an american manufacturer?
  11. is panoz an american manufacturer?
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    yes, panoz is based out of Braselton, Georgia.
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    Its a shame the LMP07's performnace didnt come around, but I dont mind because the LMP-1 is my favorite car in the world and seeing it continue to compete is great!
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    That's true to a point, but who cares. Theres plenty of Japanese cars In GT3 Ive never heard of. Panoz has been racing longer then the Cadillac LMPs, if they look the same, which they dont, its because cadillac styled it that way.

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    nice Avatar.

    BTW, is that Panoz the new Esperante road car or something. What's it much horsepower does it have etc?
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    this vs the esperante gt1 in gt3?
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    I dont rember which avatar was it, but the standard Esperante has a 4.6 liter V8 making 320 hp, but it can be supercharged to make almost 400.

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