Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

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    old thread -

    Who's got it?
    Who's getting it?
    Why is Forza better?



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    Post yours!
  2. Do not want boring driving game, no matter how good the rain looks.
  3. gonna grab a midnighter prolly and play it all night.
  4. I think racing sim developers need to disclose what they simulate so we can compare the feature/hard work that goes into these things.
  5. I'll be picking it up sometime in the next few months. Let the crazies rush out and kill each other to get it first.
  6. I'm picking it up tomorrow after work
  8. Gonna get it. Gonna play the shit out of it. Gonna tell my family to #$%# off for the holidays and resurface in January when my vacation time runs out.
  9. I'm playing the new Hot Pursuit game ......... AWESOME.

    NFS3 Hot Pursuit > NFS Hot Pursuit >>>>>> Hot pursuit 2

    Sense of speed = best.
    Car models are surprisingly good.
    Custom soundtracks = old school NFS music = best
    Car info is back.... Not quite 'showroom', as in the old NFS games, but its pretty much exactly how High Stakes did it.
  10. I'm very very tempted to head out at midnight tonight and pick it up along with a console, but I'm still :s about dropping $700.
  11. I'll probably pick it up this week. I played NFS3 Hot Pursuit at Best Buy and that is a lot of fun. I might get that too. I'm stll up in the air about Black Ops, though.
  12. Timmy and I shall be ripping it from Sunday to ? I would start earlier but midterms are involved <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  13. I know I'll end up getting it eventually. Probably in a few weeks or thereabouts. I found a lvl 20 carpenter buddy to make a stand for my wheel that's neither gigantic nor $500

    chicks dig it

    EDIT: From what I've seen, the NFS crashes/damage look super weak compared to burn0ut but I guess that's not the game's main shtick so maaaaybe I'll grab that too since 1 out of 1 supercar messiah moderators recommend it.
  14. might get it. not sure though. also I need to play some more Forza 3. hopefully with some of you bastards in the near future.
  15. GT5 or Forza 4 ? not sure.
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  17. I'll probably pick it up tomorrow, I put in my Gamestop preorder to get the two extra cars.
  19. Bought Call of Duty Black Ops, #$%#ing nuts!!
  20. What are your PSN accounts to those playing? Add me.

  21. I've already purchased the Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar and 3 tubes of Pepsi.
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  23. the models look alright, but I wish theyd just focus on making the rest of the game not suck. From footage Ive seen so far it still seems to be the case. Im still debating whether to get the game or not, but Im not spending 60 on it.
  24. black ops is kinda gay
    dont like cod really anymore

    the very definition of a mindless chuter

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