Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. lol, that reminds me of the madcatz street fighter pad

    Come buy this custom controller for this one type of game. Oh wait, there already is a custom controller called an arcade stick, oh well.
  2. The wager matches are great
  3. yeah, not very original though.
  4. i feel like i wasted my money on black ops. i've got about 5 hours of play on it and i'm already sick of it. thats like $12 an hour

    i probably wouldn't play it again if i didn't pay for it. i probably will though because i feel obligated
  5. I heard zombies is the best thing about that game. That ought to get you some more hours of fun.
  6. I've only made it to level 16 on zombies <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  7. I only got World at War and I only made it level 16 twice so far
  8. A good wheel that will work with PS3 and xBox is the Fanatec Turbo S, but that will set you back 400 bones, however it's one of the best wheels out there on the market and you will enjoy it not only in these games but also simracing games out on the PC. Imo if you have the expendable income to purchase it I say go for it, its a great investment for future.

    You can check out reviews of Fanatec, they seem pretty solid. A relatively small specialty company set in Germany and from what I hear from my simracing peers their customer service is top notch.

    Personally I'm thinking of buying the GT3 RS wheel from them. But that may be a little down the line for me, maybe next year or Christmas.

    Now a little blurb about GT5 from me as well.

    First the Good things:

    1. Sounds of cars, cant say this enough. The premiums, which is what I mostly drive, sound amazing. The sound changes with mods you put on the engine like I said before. Example: 458 Italia with new intake manifold and titanium exhaust simple sounds devine, very resemblant of TUBI exhaust notes we hear on the internets.

    My goal the first day was to purchase a Mclaren F1, and did so after about 10hrs play. Could have been much sooner but I took the long way around. The sound for that car is simply stunning.

    2. Point to point racing is back, if only for just one track. Its so nostalgic, it reminds of of The Need For Speed back in the day, no joke. I know its just one thing but damn.

    3. Premium cars look amazing. I'm playing the game on an ACER LED 24" monitor and I got nothing to complain about.

    4. Tracks, especially real world ones are true to life, with most updated layouts (Nordschleiffe, Le Mans, Laguna etc.)

    5. Top Gear special challenges seems like they've been put in the game for sheer fun, to annoy the hell out of you, and sometimes verge on the impossible. Example the first mission is to race an original VW Micro bus around the track for 2 laps, its awesome fun but also takes like 10 mins.

    5.5 Special stages in general are great fun, especially karting. I have a new found respect for karting, at high levels it becomes really challenging and its a very different approach to racing that most would think.

    6. Most of the GT nostalgia is there, it seems a small feature and a consistent on at that, but everytime you buy a GT game and you know the Sunday Cup and co. will be there just makes the experience that much better.

    There's lots more that I can't think of now since if off the ps3, my eyes need a rest after yesterday. I'll try put in some updates as I go along.

    The bad:
    -Standard cars, I've raced maybe on standard car. IMO these should not exist. GT has tried to up its quality but at the same time losing more than it gained.
    -PS3 doesnt have enough grunt for this game. I raced SSR5 at night, with a 12 car pack mostly made up of premiums and on more that one occasion the game stutters. Another example is when you're alone on track on Monza after the Lesmo corners and on that back straight, the shadows of the trees slows down the frame rate. Minor inconvenience as the game seems to running smoothly at other events but it can become a distraction in the heat of an important race.
    -No brake upgrades, yet? Dont know what PD are thinking but im sure they know the diff between carbon ceramic and steel disk brakes. Anyone in their right mind would not omit this, hopefully this shows up as I gain more levels or at least in DLC.

    Again all I have for now, I have mostly tried to gold all licences up to iB now, do some special events and do races that are awesome in career mode. So no online yet or long distance races.

    So far the game was worth the asking price, it is what it promised just not to the extent that PD had claimed it would be.
  9. 1. fanks giving was like a month ago
    2. if u were smrt u woulda bought it already and had the day off to play it

    so next time, move to canada or buy game early. ezpz
  10. What's ezpz, did you sneeze? if yes then bless you
  11. well that's kinda gay considering brakes are one of the first things i upgrade....
  12. easy peasy > ez pz
  13. Same here, im used to FM3

    -buying brakes
    -adjusting the pressure so they don't lock as easy (no ABS)

    Also no leaderboards is kind of gay too
  14. The weapons are more balanced than the previous ones and the maps are larger and more complicated too.
  15. black ops seems to be crashing a lot. i had 2 crashes today and ive only played for like an hour or so....
  16. Don't blame me for NASCAR. He'll, I didn't even win.
  17. Haven't had any crashes so far <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  18. and that's the 3rd

    crash is really weird too. i see glass textures on my screen.
  19. Cool I unlocked the 24h Nuburgring in practice mode and arcade. I'm level 22 now and still no rallies or endurance races in A-Spec, wth.

    Oh yeah and I had a 450,000 credits repair bill for my Nascar lol
  20. Have you got the latest videocard drivers installed? Any crashes in other games recently?
  21. weight reduction, tires and brakes, prolly in that order.
  22. 5th crash already.

    i have the latest video drivers. i received an update for black ops today. seems like it ruined everything.

    never had a problem before.
  23. Strange, must be the driver then.
  24. I just visited the GT5 forums. Damn all those GT5 Fanboys are ignorant SOBs. Everytime someone posts something they didnt like about the game, the fanboys go crazy as if the guy just urinated on a cross. Everytime someone points something wrong, they accuse him of being with microsoft or with Forza. IDIOTS
  25. I think ill get baked and troll the GT5 forums tonight

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