Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

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  1. "Conclusion: There’s no doubt that Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3 are beautiful looking racing games, but quite honestly we were expecting a little more from Gran Turismo 5 in the performance department. Not only did Gran Turismo 5 constantly fall below the 60 FPS mark, there was quite a bit of noticeable screen tearing occurring throughout. While Gran Turismo 5 may have a slight visual advantage over Forza 3, our analyzer proves that Forza 3 out performed Gran Turismo 5 in almost every video we captured. Lets hope Sony releases a performance patch in the near future, but Sony please don’t make us wait too long…"

  2. too chicken too try? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  3. But still a good game.
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    his seam pretty accurate to me.
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    So 20 percent of the game looks better than Forza? Where are the standard cars in this comparison?
  6. No side by side with slider [email protected]!
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    Did you read the comment section? All pro Forza comments are rated down, all pro GT5 comments are rated up.

    Grand Torismo really had some crazy fanboys.
  8. i played it today. wtf is wrong with the main menu. so clattered
  9. I don't read no stinking comments. But yeah each H2H is either super pro X360 or super pro Sony. Big whoop.
  10. i havent seen enough of this game but i wouldnt be suprised if forza3 is actually better
  11. I really cant believe how bad Laguna Sega looks in GT5 and how good it looks in FM3. What the hell happened at PD? Seriously, half of all the details of the track are left out, whole hills are gone!?
  12. hey guys my racing car game is better than your racing car game LMAO
  13. any PT Cruisrs in GT5?

    picking this gaym up tomorrow probably
  14. i think im gonna go buy forza 3 for 30 bucks
  15. Meh, you still missed out on some epic NASCAR races.

    Also as a Forza 3 owner do you feel bitter about what MS did with the Stig cars? I'm sure that stings a bit how they handled that DLC to inflate the sales numbers.
  16. They have given away so many free DLC codes over on the forums, there really aren't many people who do not have it.

    So I'd say they handled it pretty well. People who already had the game got the DLC for free, and people who don't have the game get the DLC with the game when they buy it.
  17. Free on their actual forum or free on NeoGAF? I remember when that split happened when the game first came out.
  18. Top Gear Special Events are so hard!!
  19. I played it. It was pretty cool but yeah the low level of detail and not reaching 60fps pissed me off SO much
  20. ok, now i gots forza3
    where do i get free shit?
  21. Wuts yer gamertag

    Add me gt: octane13b
  22. aaron69969

    WTF is a "You have been gifted a Missing Content"
  23. after playing GT5 some more:

    Physics are very good, esp with the wheel. Best ive felt, at least. really can feel when the cars going to break loose. Unfortunately, they also make it seemingly impossible to catch a car thats really gone to shit.

    Sounds are good, but I dont find them as good as most people do. They dont seem to have the 'depth' to the sound I would like. Still a major improvement over vacuum cleaners though.

    menu system and car buying system are annoying/shit.

    need to play more before more reviewin though.
  24. They probably gifted you a dlc car from a carpack that you don't have yet

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