Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. fokers
    i guess ill go thru and get all teh free shit off XBlive as a start
  2. Premium cars are really hit and miss. Some look great while others look like complete shit. Most that are shit are cars I dont care for. Cars Luke would like. And there are some tracks that should be labeled as "standard" as well. Textures are flat as hell and is VERY low detail.

    But I'm loving the shit out of it. IGN review said it best: "10/10 racer on a 5/10 game". Best racing I've dont with a wheel (this includes Forza on Microsofts shit wheel).
  3. Oh, and tearing up B-Spec right now. A patch is coming out in December (so maybe April?) so I can B-Spec from my phone. Will be nice. But I only let my driver use my standard cars. Right now he's tearing up the "Sunday Cup" in my S13 C-West JGTC (SuperGT at the tiem) car.
  4. Is the Nur premium?
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  6. Some pics I took today.
  7. just played laguna seca and holy shit it looks worse than in the pic. lol this game is so half-assed.
  8. playin video games just so i can get real mad about it on
  9. I just went to the shop in my E91 and the people looked even worse than on television.
  10. That really doesnt look ant better than Forza3... at all, what a hoax... dont even wanna see any standard cars.
  11. gt5 fanboys are the worst. i just commented on how ugly laguna seca and non-premium cars looked, got attacked instantly.
  12. Yeah that already put me off a few years ago.
  13. I think the thing is that this gen, the graphics issue is overblown. The tech is not yet there to get photorealistic graphics in videogames. Trying to approximate it just doesnt quite cut it when your game advertises super-realism.
  14. and another crash. yay cod is unplayable now.
  15. Just ordered a new computer:

    GTX 460 2GB
    12GB DDR3 1600 RAM
    1TB SATA 3 6mb/sec HDD
    30GB SSD for quick booting
    Intel Core i7 3.06 ghz 4 core (factory overclocked 10% higher without voiding warranty)
    USB 3.0 ports
    Blu-ray reader/dvd rw drive
    HAWKS 2 + Civ 5 full game download codes (free with purchase of the comp)
    Windows 7 home 64bit
    3 year warranty with lifetime phone support.
    Ended up costing about $1200 after shipping and rebates.
  16. 30GB SSD? I guess you don't plan on installing many programs. I would have gone with at least an 80GB.
  17. 12gb of ram?

  18. Those are artifacts and videocard related. Are you sure you haven't got problems in any other games?
  19. Nice but that amount of RAM is rather overkill. You could easily get by with 6GB unless you're doing CAD work or stuff like that. Would probably drop the price to around $1000 too.
  20. That actually happens because the car is too close to the camera... The same thing happened with my Mclaren F1 using certain camera angles.
  21. never had any problems with other games.

    this problem occured only after the last patch.
  22. Yes, free on their actual forum (

    They've had a ton of contests, raffles, trivia games, ect.

    For example, every person who entered the Photo Competition and Paint Competition the first week got a free code, not just the winners.
  23. Yeah, I agree, even among premium cars, not all are created equal. The interiors of the McLaren F1 and F40 and stuff like that look great, almost photorealistic. However I got the Ford Focus ST, also a premium car, and it looks worse than a Forza cars inside and out.

    I've really enjoyed playing the game so far, and I love the rally and ice stuff, the the karting too. However the quality inconsistencies in both cars and tracks are a letdown.
  24. so how do you get the sls/lfa etc.? you cant buy that package.
  25. I went to Gamestop on October 26th, the date Forza's own site listed as the US release date for the Ultimate Collection. Not only was it not there, but it wasn't in their system either, and no one had heard anything about it. Went on the Forza site again, and they have a message about how the release is actually a soft release and it's effectively the Platinum edition of the game, so it will only really show up in stores as the regular version is sold out. So I figured whatever, I'll get it when I get it.
    Eventually it showed up on the Gamestop site with a release date of November 17th. So I go to the store again, and again, not there, no idea when they're gonna be getting it. I go home and the date is changed to November 23rd. I asked if it was there again when I went to pick up GT5 on the 24th, and of course it was not.

    Seems like they're really #$%#ing the dog on this one. Obviously the new cars are done and have been done. If they had released it as a carpack I would have bought it by now. As it stands, there's no way to buy it even if you want to.

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