Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. "And there are some tracks that should be labeled as "standard" as well. Textures are flat as hell and is VERY low detail"

    This is so true! Online games are going to take serious hit due to lack of fun tracks too. There is big risk of people getting bored real quick with this sort of track list.
  2. lol screw that then.
  3. can you upgrade brakes yet?
  4. got it

    installing right now

    I'll be sure to let Chris Draper know how many flowers are rendered on the sides of the racetracks, since that seems to be a big concern for him
  5. If you look at that Leguna Seca picture, entire hillsides are missing, as well as any spectators, track-side buildings, and guardrail fences.
  6. Burnout Paradise ultimate edition 50% off on Steam today! is multiplayer fun?
  7. i'm thinking of getting this but i already beat most of the game on xbox so i dunno. i already bought the arma 2+expansion for $22 thoguh, downloading it now
  8. Is the online component of Paradise worth playing?
  9. Yo man is this a black Friday deal? If so tell me where and how and I'm on it before midnight.

    Feel free to Google talk/gmail me if you don't mind since my computer for the last 2 years has been my Droid. I'll keep checking the gaythread too in case You can't do it that way.

    Cheers brewski

    And if PA or any other lest peeps read this, if I just get 6gb ram to lower the price a bit, what's a really good soundcard I could get for 7.1/HDMI/optical etc
  10. It was free.
  11. was only $60 (after a rebate) more to get 12GB instead of 6GB, i figured if i just do it now i wont have to worry about it in the future.
  12. is having a pretty awesome sale.

    if you play around with different desktops you can slowly find out which one is the better price for your customization. it takes some time because you have to rebuild it over and over to see which named desktops are cheaper.

    plus at the end of the order if you use the coupon code "holiday" you get 5% off.

    when you hover over the green dollar signs that are next to the component choices (when you are customizing) it will tell you how much of a rebate you'll get. all of them are mail in rebates, so you wont get that money back for a month or two after you send in the paperwork.

    Mine actually came to $1400, but most of the components i added had rebates so i'll be getting about $200 back, plus the 5% coupon paid for shipping.
  13. Thanks again, I'll be on it tonight.

    I'm still open to soundcard suggestions to anyone who knows a bit about that. I'll research myself tonight when I'm not on the move.
  14. First time I raced Le Mans I was pointing in my mind at places where I was watching/shooting this summer. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Game is getting a bit better, I even found some fun from the cheap R33 LM I bought only for online. Credits are hard to get thought, it will take forever to get the needed close to million for the McLaren F1.

    Also, WTF, MINI doesnt have the option of having the roof painted white or black... Cheap ass shit...
  15. Even basic Photoshop usage can break the 6GB boundary, that is if you create for example >6x6 panoramas.
  16. some tracks look worse than in 5 year old games. thats a big no no for a game that was riding on its "photo realisim"
  17. do they have 3d modeling contests?
  18. Anyone wish they had the ClearSlider in GT5? I do

    And to daper thats shit that you had to be part of. I know people who got Forza 3 on launch date that didn't go to the forums and shit so they got passed on. The Stig pack being not able to just buy off XBL is also lame.

    With that said I restarted my GT5 account trying to get penniless but its not happening.
  21. less rams, slower ram with better timings, more SSD's
    6gb ram is plenty unless u inteand on doing 10 things at once and never closing a program
    a windows 7 install + updates and service packs alone will barely fit on 30gb. u need atleast 50.
  22. STIG PACK IN GT5 ??? WTF
  23. windows 7 install with all the updates is less than 10 gigs, and there are no service packs..
  24. If I was booting off an SSD I'd at least want room for all my programs on there to get the full benefit.

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