Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

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  1. Stop yelling man.
  2. give it time
    come SP1, that will be a few gigs, and with winSXS that vista and 7 runs, the size will always grow even if u install shit on another HDD, wether you like it or not

    sorry, was meant to quote ryanator
  3. Yeah, I was going to say, I agree totally, and the fact that my OS plus programs comes to about 44GB already backs it up.
  4. this thing is so #$%#ing hard to drive.
  5. The Delta Integrale? What did you do to it? It's super easy and forgiving stock.
  6. hey sorry.

    So it's very good so far, engine sounds are better but so far from being perfect. the handling is awesome and you really feel you're driving on rubber (in GT5p the feel wasn'tthere at all).

    glad I bought and hope we'll be able to do some races.
  7. So the special events/races, lots of cash to be had.
  8. I don't like the levels shit in GT5. Should be just license and cash restricting what you can do, not retarded #$%#ing level shit ****./
  9. I think I might actually really like GT5. I haven't touched it because my ps3 died the second I put GT5 in it, but to be honest with the last GT and all the Forzas I got almost nowhere with the career. I just did laps and laps and laps, most of the time not even races. It sounds like they got the driving part right, so I may have lucked out on this one.
  10. omg there arent any spectators at laguna seca watching little draper drive his pt around
    if you ask me that's pretty realistic
  11. Excuse me, you double posted you #$%#!

    Going back to ways when you were friends with Duffman eh?

    Another thing all racing games is boring. Let me get this out of the way since its boring. I don't have a wheel so I'm not going to give a full review nor do I have the other racing sim game on the console Forza 3 so I don't have anything to compare it too. However I do have an issue that the AI is still stupid, the 1000 Skylines, the crappy no invite system for online.

    Other then that I can skim the graphics as I wasn't on the edge of wanting GT game like other people who likes to always point out how long it took.

    Also this is from my Xbox 360 friend that bought a PS3 just for GT5

    "So, my review:

    Buying the collectors edition, I'm obviously putting in a lot of money into something I wasn't 100% sure about. I knew it would have a bunch of cars, options, and so on. But, I also knew it was still going to be Gran Turismo. Knowing things like if I was behind in a race, I could just play bumper cars and win. Or have that electronic jazz always playing while in the menu screens. But, I liked what came with it. So, I was okay with the extra $40 I was laying down.

    The extras;

    The Keychain: Yup, it's a hunk metal with the GT logo on it.

    The "Apex" book: It's a nice book. Most car people with already know most of what it says. It did bring back the memories of the first game, reading on driving techniques and so on.

    The GT-R model: A great little piece. If you collect model cars, it's cool to have. I have a nice place for it.

    Now, the game.

    So, opening it and installing, well, you know how this is. You're gonna wait. From what I've seen, doing this does help with load times, but, the odd installing things on the fly all the time is strange. With everything it want's to put on, and the options you have, you're going to say "Just let me play, damn it!". Luckily, this doesn't last. Once you but through the initial waiting game, load times seem to be on par with any other racing game.


    This is love/hate relationship. I see somethings that amaze me, and some things that have me shaking my head. The premium cars are beautiful. The phototravel, the replays, the cockpit views, all great. But why not have this for all cars? Why not take out cars people DON'T care about, lessen the amount of repeated cars (40+ skylines....) and focus on the others to make them all premium? The shadows while racing are 8-bit quality. They just aren't good. It also seems like some of the standard cars got more attention than others. It's odd.

    No Phototravel for standard cars is a let down. But, with the premium cars, it's one of the most beautiful renders of a care you will find. It's truly stunning.

    But for all the negative I've talked about, it still looks good. I love the menu lay out and the details of the tracks. I also like to make a lot of smoke. It's the best I've seen in a game.


    Real quick, just turn the music off. At least during the race. The songs are odd as always. But, I do enjoy the jazz tunes in the menus. Although there is this porn music sounding!

    For the cars, they sound good. Not great. I'm glad V8's don't sound like Honda's anymore. But there is something missing. Like that grunt I listen for in a muscle car. I can tell it's a V8, but.... eh. I do love the fact that with changes to the exhaust, transmission, turbo or supercharger, the sound of the car changes. That's great.

    The driving:

    This is the meat of the game. And it does it well. Some cars feel light, but I can forgive it as I'm trying to win. I don't have a wheel (yet) but I find it pretty easy to drive with the controller. Some cars are very forgiving. Some are suicidal. I haven't had the chance to drive a big array of cars, but what I have driven all felt good. All doing what I expected. The physics do a great job. As far as the AI goes, it's much improved. It seems to be more aware and won't screw you over. Although I do find, once in a while, a car will be thrown into the mix that I can't beat. I'll go back, upgrade, and try again.

    I find being able to Rally MOST of the cars pure fun. Putting on dirt tires on my Mach 1 was great. I may do this with my Lambo, just because.

    The Top Gear track and karting is awesome!

    Final thought:

    The big question, does it beat Forza 3? For the most part, yes. It's much more content rich and the physics are better. Forza tends to think all cars are on rails. I can't help but to want the coloring and car graphics options Forza offers, but, that's not a big deal.

    Overall, it's a great racing game. Even with it's odd design choices, (No wheel change on standard cars....) and strange technical issues, I still love it. I'm able to over look the issues and have fun.

    Cliffs: Yeah, if #$%#s some things up, but I still love it."
  12. chris, buy the game already k
  13. will i be able to play it in my dvd player?
  14. Yes, or you still don't get a refund.
  15. GT5 crashed on me, while saving after modding my Miata.

  16. Excuse me, you double posted you #$%#!
  17. lold
  18. finally got lvl 15 and picked up my ACR, my first like super balls out purchase. Its so unbelievably manly with 950 hp.
  19. I can buy it in nz from a nz site online for $90 has it for 17£/40$nzd

    Bs. Can't find it in store though. It would be 90$nzd as well
  20. won't post to nz.

  21. Excuse me, you double posted you #$%#!
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    i didn't check to see if they would ship to nz, but i don't see why there would be a difference between aus/nz.
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    You #$%#ing beauty
  24. a600 rwd

    you can't make it awd <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  25. Are you always on speed?

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