Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Just realized we can put the ABS at zero which makes the controlling of the car way harder. Anyone using such setting? I always play with all off and manual tranny, but ABS at zero is a stretch.
  2. i always put abs off. you can brake later/harder if done properly.
  3. It seems like every car needs to be modified in order for it to be competitive, and that's really aggravating. Even in the beginner Miata race there's a 5 to 6 second gap between me and first that's nearly impossible to close, and I'm talking about acceleration only. Why are there three cars passing me on the first straight? I didn't realize there was such a difference in power between Miatas. Or maybe my controller senses BMI and adjusts the car accordingly, for added realism.
  4. oh, just realized i saw the forza UC at walmart for like $20 or something, didnt bother looking at it
  5. I've already knocked through most of the first and second level of A spec, and I haven't modified anything yet. But I guess the reward cars I used were a hair better than the fields I was racing.

    Still haven't spent a dollar outside of purchasing my starter car, which still has zero miles.
  6. at this point i think that'd actually be worth it, just say #$%# it and get all the DLC without having to spend an extra $15 on the stuff i dont already have. and sell the old copy for whatever i can get for it.
  7. Id buy it but im only missing 1 dlc pack and the stig pack ugh

    but thats a good point, just sell the old copy duh
  8. I think the downside to all of these racing games is that its kind of a hassle to get a group game going online.

    There really needs to be some way to create a racing series online in which players can meet periodically and play in a season type series.
  9. I agree im missing several packs and the Stig pack, so i will actually get the UC and save myself a couple bucks
  10. This is what iRacing does.
  11. Unfortunately for me I have all the packs except for the new one, which you can't buy.
  12. Autism
  13. just bought a 512BB

    so awesome
  14. #$%# all this GT5 talk, someone give me a XBL code and lets play Forza
  15. I have like 3 48 hour codes
  16. Some stuff looks so good and some looks so bad.
  17. Well I used a slow shutter speed on purpose, so it's not that sharp. The modeling on it is actually really good, on the body anyway, the wheels and brakes don't look too great though. It also handles a lot more nervously than in Forza, awesome with slicks though.
  18. I will admit, the AI in GT5 is pretty frustrating
  19. Yeah, the AI is bullshit compared to Forza, they seem to have no idea you're even on the track. I'm pretty impressed with the actual driving experience though.
  20. i really like the mercedes c63 in forza. ive tuned it to b500 and its really fast online.
  21. I'm glad i didnt break and get GT5 new. it seems worthy of owning, but damn. The one thing it really had going for it was the beauty, and they obviously #$%#ed that up pretty bad.

    Hell in a lot of cases the screenshots ive seen of GT5 look way worse than anything you'd see in forza.

    If the game had better sounds/physics/car modeling it would be more tolerable, but the fact that it doesnt really break out front with anything makes it a big disappointment. but expected.

    I'll still buy it, but not until i can get it for like $20.
  22. ill just wait for GT6 (release date: 2060)
  23. ugh

    the game looks great

    if you're buying a game for astounding visuals then why are you even buying a racing game in the first place?

    and the physics are way better than GT4

    maybe I should take some screenshots
  24. So should I get GT5, or not?

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