Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Have you played it? The sound and physics are great. Also what's wrong with the screen shots? The Forza ones are lower res and super compressed, maybe I should do some side by side.
  2. if you don't want to get GT5, don't get it because the AI just plain sucks

    I mean, it's terrible

    it cooperates with itself, but you lose races because there are slower cars right where you need to be. forget nailing that apex if there are any cars around you

    it forces you to drive sloppily, which is fine if you don't actually want to win any races because there's always a faster car bumping into you which makes you spin out instantly
  3. the graphics/physics/sounds are great compared to GT4, but i've played games since GT4.

    take some screenshots, i would love to see that the game was better looking that what i've seen. dont do too much blur though, i want to actually see what the game looks like.
  4. The sounds are crazy better, but still not "great" from the videos i've seen. i've seen a lot of screenshots that look worst than forza. i was expecting it to look WAY better than forza (forza doesnt look very good either). i've not yet played it, so i am judging by videos i've seen. just looks far less finished than i expected.
  5. Other than that is it good? How are the online multiplayer options? What about premium car customization? I have a $20 gift cert to BestBuy so I'm wondering if the game is worth $40?
  6. you sound like you just want to get the game. just go buy it if you have the money to spend, its not like it will be the worst purchase ever.
  7. #$%# you. Just joking, I'll probably pick it up after work.
  8. if it interests you, i cant imagine it would really be one of those games that you really regret getting.

    like burnout revenge. god that game was horrible, i liked the previous ones, and the later ones. but that one really sucked.
  9. I tried taking a similar screenshot in Forza, it was hard to get the same angle, and the camera settings are totally different. GT5 uses real camera terminology and Forza 3 uses sliders, tried to match it up.

    Anyway, GT5 has kind of #$%#ed me up for driving in Forza, I kept forgetting to hit the clutch, and was pressing the wrong button to upshift.
  10. They look like they could be the same game, GT5 was supposed to be the next step further for racing graphics on consoles, and judging by all the videos they released, you'd beleive they would be. but they arnt. the graphics are good, but not "great" hell Forza is a year old and looks pretty much the same in that photo, and in some side by sides i've seen forza looks even better. GT5 should be better looking in any shot considering what it was meant to be and how much time they spent on it.
  11. this guy's trying to make a 458 look good

    not gonna happen
  12. I think expecting it to be much better looking and run at a decent frame rate is kind of unrealistic. The Xbox 360 and PS3 are pretty similar when it comes to graphics and processing power. A smooth running, photo realistic racing game isn't happening on this generation of consoles.
  13. The Cell has been proven to be more powerful if taken advantage of fully, GT5 obviously does not. i'm not saying its a bad game, but what does it have that would make me feel like an upgrade to what i purchased over a year ago?
  14. pretty much. want to see a race game on the pc with dx11.
  15. #$%# it would be awesome if they made a GT/Forza game for the PC. I'm not hardcore enough for rfactor/whatever else i've seen.
  16. I don't know, the processor is more powerful, but I've seen tests that show the Xbox having a faster data throughput rate when running something off the optical drive, so it probably evens out.

    Honestly, for me, the dirt/ice tracks, variable weather and night racing still make GT5 worthwhile. It's not a better game than Forza, but it does offer something different.
  17. yeah would love to have a game like that.
  18. yeah, like i said i dont think it looks like a bad game, but i think i could just wait for the GT6 (assuming it comes out in the next 2 years, lol) or Forza 4 (assuming it adds a lot of the features that GT5 has)
  19. I'm about to go and get my copy of GT5.

    PSN: Kingsegg
  20. im pretty sure forza is gonna have a lot of the features gt5 has, since it has to be better and all. i wish it could be a mixture of forza/project gotham racing and test drive unlimited. that would be awesome.
  21. Yeah, all of these racing sims could really use a free roaming mode where you can just drive around a city.
  22. and have a dealership with all the cars like project gotham 2.
  23. what? how does that happen
  24. know what the golden wrenches are?

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