Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. C'mon you know thats because PD only had 6 years to develop it.
  2. This guy, playing games, in a game thread. Whoa, FAGGOT
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  5. today is a dark day
  6. yeah, but i don't know how you destroy an item
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  8. 103-25 as heavy not bad
  9. open your loadout and delete an item, shows up if your ingame like that
  10. nice resolution bro, your pc on blocks or what
  11. Does dat look goot?
  12. gayme update: still ownin

    just killed like 50 cops and my first and only car in the chase is still in one peice
  13. Tried some more stuff in photo mode. Anyone else plan on uploading any GT5 pictures?
  14. that is just depressingly pathetic
  15. that GTA sctreenshot turb0 posted showed the product key to his unplayed game he just bought and no one noticed lol
  16. That one of the 458 is just ridiculous, sad its not in racing tho.
  17. But those edges on the Zonda R are just HORRIBLE.
  18. Yeah, it seems to happen anywhere there's smoke. Ruins an otherwise good looking model.
  19. True, but I don't like these big imperfections GT never had....
  20. Haha was looking at the pics trying to see these "horrible" edges. Couldn't see them until you mentioned smoke, then I looked at the left of the pic.

    Also did no know the front splitter on the R stuck out that far
  21. those edges dont bother me. what bothers me is the light reflection on the zonda. looks so incredibly fake compared to the 458.
  22. Glasses
  23. Helps if you actually look at the whole picture.
  24. The Zonda R in GT5 is actually modeled after how it currently looks. The one in Forza was modeled after the car used for the first press shots. They have different front splitters, and the current one has two extra attachment points on the outer edges of the rear wing.
  25. Sadly it doesn't take away the horrible edges.

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