Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

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  1. GT5 Related:

    Has anyone beat the Nascar Championship all gold, specifically the Daytona race. My retarded driver(s) cant seem to understand the simplicity of staying in someones draft, the best I've gotten out of them on that race is 7th.

    I've won the championship though and all other races in the series are gold.

    Any tips? Also Malefic could I borrow ur FGT for one race plz, I got 7th in it and need gold to unlock B Spec endurace.
  2. This.

    Only reason why I'm looking at the GT2 RS is for the three platform compatibility and nothing more. I've never heard any of the people complain about the diameter of the actual wheel so meh. I've heard a lot of prais for it being butter smooth since its belt driven and not gear like the G25/27 and also not having that click click sound later on its life.

    Also for the price apparently the Clubsport Pedals can not be beaten.
  3. I'd get the GT2 because of the three platforms. If you get the GT3 you're limiting yourself to PS3 and PC and you'll end up not getting good games on 360 (like forza) simply because you don't have a good wheel for them.
  4. I'm gonna be playing some Forza now if anyone else wants to join in.
  5. I'll join you in about 10 minutes
  6. I actually thought about this, simply because of forza, but I really dont like the arcade like physics in forza. As it was said before you cant drift an LMP car and that is not really what im after. I've tried it with a wheel and the feel is not the same as in GT5, maybe FM4 changes that, I certainly hope so.

    For me PC Sims > everything else. GT5 is keeping my busy cause of all the cool cars, decent physics and online. When new Simbin, and Image Space Inc (rFactor) stuff comes out I'll be switching back and forth.

    Whats important about Fanatec IMO is not the wheels, but the pedals. Pedals make you more consistent and faster.
  7. Also GT5 session anyone?
  8. Yeah but the thing with the GT3 is you're limiting yourself to not getting forza 4 even if it is better.

    What's the price difference/feature difference between the two other than the support for 360?
  9. difference is about 120 dollars, the only extra you get is the compatibility issue and a gated shifter. Definitely worth it in terms of build quality, but feasible, for me at this time the answer is no.

    I agree with you on FM4 possibility, but honestly console racing games dont give you the same closeness to reality as PC Sims. So for me Id like a GT3 Clubsport package which Fanatec seems to have taken down for some reason, mainly cause they're trying to shove the GT2 package down ppl throats.

    Hate marketing sometimes.
  10. yeah 120 is quite a lot.

    Agreed on the closeness to reality, and I guess if you're that hardcore about how good your racing wheel/pedals are, you'll be playing those types of games much more than forza/gt5.
  11. Yeah, I dont mean this lightly, pedals are much MUCH more important than wheels.

    Word is the Clubsports from Fanatec are pretty good, the vibration for wheel lock up is crucial even in gt5 when you take ABS off.
  12. Im pissed, I lost my setup for the Indy 500 for my ZO6 RM, I was able to do mid 42s laps now cause I changed it so the B Spec Retard can win a race I cant get the times anymore, we need those set up tabs damn it. A B C ala GT4, that was awesome.
  13. Does the brake pedal actually have the brake pressure feel?
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    Yes apparently you can set the vibration force and sensitivity.

    thats a basic review of it for GT5 and other games i think.
  15. Yeah the Clubsport not the normal Porsche pedal set allows you to do this.

    Also to E30, yes they are pushing the GT2 RS Clubsport package but if I remember right only about 10k of them will be produced in its lifetime.

    Sorry Tipo I had to go plate shit so I had to run man. I'll tune something and get back to you in a real race.
  16. RUF CTR2 is brick on wheels.
    worst handling ever!
  17. Everyone lets play Forza tonight. Or Halo. Or something.

    TF2? Starcraft?

  18. Can you even feel the ABS kick in?>
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    Not a owner so don't know what to tell you.

    This one is the GT3 RS clubsport package

    If you get bored just mute it and stare hard at Jessica Lopez
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    Wow, that's like the biggest contrast I've ever seen between human beings.
    Definitely gonna stare myself hard.

    Oh, the steering wheel? looks the deal.

    Didn't see any girls tho.
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    tits everywhere.
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    Look at the other epi that they do. Jessica Lopez is one of their presenters

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    I'm hungry.
  24. gotta set center diff to 10%/90% or whatever
  25. Forza in 2 hours?

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