Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

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  3. Ok cool, just wanted to make sure that I don't need to rush out and buy a PS3 now.
  4. This whole GT/FM thing comes to a conclusion really... If you already have an XBOX byt FM3, if you have a PS3 buy GT5... if you don't have either, but what you think is going to please you cause it's gonna be good anyway. But don't buy either consoles to play either games when you already have one of the two... waste of money.
  5. Multiplayer is kinda fun. A McLaren LM beat my Elise.
  6. And some jackass has his mic wide open and all you can hear is his stupid wheel and he's talking about his mortgage and shit
  7. pretty sure its luke
  8. I was racing online on one of those rally circuits before, my friend was ahead of me on the grid, and all I saw was a big cloud of dust in front of me on the track until I got past. This game is worth it for the rally/ice tracks alone.
  9. So are we going to setup a race tonight? I'm dying for good online races!!!

    EDIT: I'll host it, run a few kart races, a few NASCAR, and whatever else... but for now I'm watching a movie with my wife. WIll be on in an hour.
  10. i have no idea how to make one. i wouldn't mind, if we can keep the cars reasonably close in power. im racing zondas and mclarens and gallardos and shit and it's not fun. My best car has 170hp.
  11. Hahahahahaha
  12. So there's no class distinction?
  13. You can use cars from arcade mode online, my friend and I were racing Zonda Rs. Setting up the race is annoying though, you can't invite people. You have to make one, then your friends have to go Community>Your name>Lounge to join.
  14. I think if we race we should all have the same car or at least, same class so we can have fun and compete.

  15. I'm done for tonight, I've been playing like half the day. I'll race tomorrow though.
  16. multiplayer seems very clunky and slapdash in general. gonna try out these arcade mode cars though. seems like the ticket
  17. if anyone wants to add me, I'm CabanaFoghat

    I'm watching Dexter right now, so leave me alone for an hour or so
  18. Installing the game now...I'm not very good at video games but I'm gonna give this a shot. I'm hoping my small vast knowledge of cars will let me win races LOL
  19. I'll probably be playing some MW2 after this episode though
  20. There's no LM.
  21. Settting up game now.
  22. Game is created:

  23. And online is stupid as shit! Limits are not set by performance points. I cant control that. I can choose every stock car you can use though. Bunch of bullshit.
  24. It says your shit ain't registered
  25. My shits still installing...taking forever

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