Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Forza today anyone?

    Edit: Looks like a lot of people are DLing steam games. I just reinstalled it after not using it for a year or so, and I can't download above 100-200K/s.
  2. Got GT5 for Christmas and must say I'm a bit dissapointed. I do like the Rally events and dirt and snow races. I like Forza 3 better.

    NHL 11 is good, the customizing you can do to your player is awesome. However, I still always find myself playing FIFA 11 more and more, but that probebly because I love football more than hockey.

    Also does anyone have Pro Evolution Soccer? How is it against the FIFA series? Considering getting it for the PS3.
  3. Not shit. Looks like you only get cars when MS has a exclusive game, season change, or pushing a new car pack. Other then that I think I've gotten a total of 10 or so cars from it.
  4. i would be keen, what / how much you looking for it?
  6. Dawn for discovery is on sale for $22, if you gift me a copy i'd send you a code.
  7. Man the Formula GT spoils you in GT5...all the other cars seem slow and can't turn worth a shit
  8. There is a new thread. Highly suggest posting in it.

  9. No. I only play GT5 don't care about other games
  10. got MSN/do i have you on steam?
  11. The one thing I find extremely annoying with GT5 is inability to sell certain prize cars. I've accumulated so many shitty prize cars that I just can't sell.
  12. I find the physics of gt5 prologue better than GT5! Is there a way to change the physics settings on gt5 from standard, simulation, professinal?? any help is appreciated

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