Gran Turismo XXXIX: Game Thread Edition

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. maybe it's CabanaFoghat

    EDIT: yeah, it's CabanaFoghat
  2. Skidmarks are definitely possible. I also saw some flames on downshifting when watching the replay.
  3. The graphics look superb...Definitely the most realistic looking racing sim.
  4. looks like forza
  5. But a little worse in some shots. Little better in others.

    We can probably agree the games are different enough and better and worse in different areas to be about as good.

    Which is cool. GT5 you get the retarded details of premium cars and the variety of different races.

    FM3 gives you much more customization and a stable of cars that have all been treated equal.

    If I had both systems I would get both, but having one or the other, can't go wrong.
  6. Wow, so I pick up GT5 today. Load up the ps3 that I got a year ago because my xbox was dead and GT5 was supposed to be out soon and.... red screen of something or other. I'm under warranty, but c'mon.
  7. the PS3 blu-ray drive sucks. i am on my 3rd one, and it is starting to fail me. i know its unusual, but it is pissing me off, especially because i just bought this one just over a year ago, and was forced to pay full price for the slim model, expecting to have better reliability.
  8. One thing I've noticed with the NFS series, is that there is always a huge difference between the PC and console versions.

    Porsche 2000. Hated it on console. Pretty good on PC.
    Hot Pursuit 2. Terrible on PC. Fairly decent on console.
  9. Exactly, buy forza when you have a xbox and the other way around.

    I see MS's move now.... I was waiting for GT5 but couldnt wait any longer, so bought a Box with Forza3 and now Im sticking to it....
  10. Give them credit for actually making a good game too. I mean there's a huge leap in quality when you get to 3, but with gt5 taking so long they could have made a shitty sim and still gotten money off the desperate.
  11. Lighting looks better in Forza. Could just be that shot though
  12. What Turn10 has done in the time (and money) they had to create the last Forza (let alone no4 that I believe is gonna be what GT5 had to be) is way more gracious than what PD did with all the time and money they got to end up with GT5.

    GT5 is a disappointment, and I know this by ALL the responses from several fora including GTP, yes I know its still fun to play and I know the physics are great, but we all know too... that we all expected more and expectation is what it's all about... we wanna be surprised.

    Oh and Im no XB fanboy, Ive been a long time die hard GT fan, but no longer.
  13. GT5 is actually as good as it was expected, especially with the additional type of races: Rally, Nascar, etc...
  14. I'm not sure what rock you've been hiding under, but it was expected to be a complete and utter shit fest. Seems that's about half right as well with its last-gen cars
  15. Dirty racers up in here.
  16. I blame you for our crappy NASCAR run.
  17. No it isn't, stop living in denial, this isn't just some racing game that came out, millions of people have been waiting for it for 6 years, bought consoles for it and they got betrayed by a half finished product... and you know it, you're just accepting it "because" it's GT.
  18. Well summed up.

    We expected the game to have all the basic things competition has had from last ten years. + the cars to support the desire to race with cars we have in our actual garages.

    We grew up, GT didnt grow up with us...

    There is hope however, maybe they actually continue to support the game. And this rage is from first evening, maybe it gets better.
  19. I just dont get how a product so long in development is considered 'half done' by so many.
    (I havent played it yet, but it does look that way)

    What exactly took so long? Theres no where near as many 'premium', AKA, actual GT5 modelled cars, as there is 'standard', AKA, transferred-from-GT4 cars..
  20. And do people realize this could well be a nearing end for the series? Maybe there will be a 6, but on the next console? That all depends on how well this one is gonna do in the sales but more importantly 6, which is definitely going to suffer from GT5.

    Like PGN1 said, we grew up, GT didn't... GT5 doesn't attract new customers enough with the gameplay it has and it scares away people like me, old GT fans, with the compromises it has made and the fact (oh yes it matters) we played forza in those 6 years.

    Oh and I hate MS, I wish it was the other way around.
  21. well, like it or not, GT5 is gonna rule the scene for a while. Both rfactor2 and GTR3 will be out before Forza 4, and neither of those offer the sort of deep personalization the console sims do (unless you're keen on doing it yourself. 1000hp wheelbarrow with 10k lbs of downforce anyone? fun <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>)
  22. This time it seems they didn't even try to make a decent PC version. There is no anti aliasing and the Pc version looks worse than the XBOX or PS3 version.

    I'm glad I downloaded this shit. This is the reason why I download games to test them before buying. Lately the quality of a lot of new games is terrible. Maybe they should invest the money in the game development instead of the advertising.
  23. The reason why PC games have degenerated so much in recent years is because people have.
  24. my mate picked up a copy of it today so i went around there to try it out
    its pretty enjoyable, but im really not sure itll be worth $650 to me
    but #$%# karts are so much fun

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